I am xxxxx years old so I actually remember a life where phones were attached to walls with cords. It’s weird to explain to my nieces there was a time when we had to wait for a certain time and day to watch TV and we couldn’t take our screens with us everywhere. Also the words ‘screens’ meant something else. Kinda. 

Being able to take our phones with us everywhere isn’t without problems. Once trying to watch my phone while cooking it nearly fell into the dishwater.  Have you ever tried to hold your phone while trying to watch a makeup tutorial? Let me point out how grateful I am toilets have lids. 


Sometimes when looking for Fab Finds I discover a product that genuinely shocks me. I can’t believe it took someone so long to create this. Stick-Amis make it possible for you literally stick your phone to a wall or mirror or do something as handy as place your phone on a cupboard so you can follow along with cooking tutorials. You can also stick it to your bathroom mirror so you can watch makeup tutorials or stick it to the wall so you can, GASP, actually write down information on a piece of paper, in those exceptionally modern-day rare occasions where actual writing is required. Check out their site here.

You indulge in my personal favorite, perfect selfies! Oh, admit it, you have taken at least one. With the Stick-Amis there will be no more tell-tale outstretched arm or just your face, or, worse, an obnoxious selfie-stick. 

After you remove existing accessories (hooks, clips, sockets) from your device, remove dust and debris from the phone, remove plastic the film from the back of the Stick-Amis and place it on the back of your phone. Make sure the camera lens isn’t covered. Open the flap and remove inside film. With the flap open, place device on a clean, flat surface. Gently press the phone/tablet to make sure it is safely secure. In order to remove, try to avoid pulling it directly off, instead of twisting until it comes off. 

  Stick-Amis come in an assortment of pattern and they even accept personal orders for promotional items.

Ready to try one for yourself? Leave a comment and you could win!