I love Kathy Griffin. I know her humor isn’t for everyone, but I think she’s hilarious. I loved a story she told about when she was hosting an AMFAR event. she was given some spectacular jewelry for the evening from Bvlgari. During interviews, she joked that her greatest fear would be losing one of her diamond earrings. To her absolute horror and disbelief, someone pointed out that one of them was gone. She was forced to go to a representative of the luxury brand who was also at the event. He was furious and demanded she return all the jewelry right then and there.

 When I worked for Blue Nile one Christmas, I was more than shocked to learn the same ball and post fastener used on cheap drugstore earrings was also used on high-end fine jewelry.  I’ve never owned any high-end jewelry, but I would NOT trust my earrings to that little ball.  Plus, I don’t know about you but as a teen, I was constantly losing earrings to the point where I switched to fish hook style clasps rather than hunting down all those tiny little balls.  


Well, now there is a way you never have to worry about losing an earring again. Chrysmela is the most secure high-tech earring back with patented technology.  Check it out here. The lock-and-unlock patented mechanism protects your earrings and securely holds even the heaviest earrings. Downward tilting diamond studs?  Delicate earlobes with elongated piercing?  Love large statement earrings but find them uncomfortable to wear?  Chrysmela Extra gives you lift and cozy support with secure locking power.

Be careful to watch the video on unlocking the mechanism, the device locks so securely that some people have trouble removing it. Likewise, sometimes they can be difficult to open. Make sure you keep the paper that explains how to unlock it. 

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