I’ve had some issues with the heat in my bldg. There have been times I’ve gone to bed wearing a beanie it’s so cold in my bedroom. This year there’s been an unfortunate turn of events. Under the category of “’Im not sure this is an improvement.” Our landlord has doubled up radiator heat to the point where we tried to roast ducks in the living room. FYI don’t try that if you have cats.

It’s had another deeply unfortunate side effect. My skin is so dry it has developed a British Accent. I find myself googling the other day asking “what does it mean when ALL your clothes feel scratchy?” 

It means your dry skin has reached critical levels and you desperately need to hydrate. 

Rebas Remedy body care to the rescue! 

Rebas Remedy

The eponymous Reba took a moment to read her bottle of dishsoap and realized it was overflowing with harsh harmful chemicals. She then realized the soaps, handcream, etc  in her house weren’t any better!

She was determined to change that. Working with her friend Nadia, they were determined to create safer, clean effective skincare using organic ingredients as much possible. They use superior quality products, are completely paraben free, and not tested on animals. All products are American Made.

Their Ageless Hands cream is amazing. It absorbs quickly and makes your hands super soft. Their goat milk soaps smell so amazing you’ll want to eat them. Their chakra bath salts are seven soothing blends of sea salt, epsom salts and essentials oil created for each individual chakra. You will melt.

But what has really saved me is the divine facial oil. My skin has been so dry this winter, this oil has plumped up and soothed my angry face. 

You can even order a Rebas Remedy travel kit with airplane approved sizes so you can sample multiple products.

Ready to place an order? Use this URL to get 10% percent off for Bridgette Raes readers only!