With the amount of times I have been to Las Vegas (I was just there last month), you would think I actually like going. Honestly, I could have gone my entire life never visiting Las Vegas and been perfectly happy. It just turns out that most fashion trade shows go on there. This will be my 5th trip since 2017.

What I do like about going to Las Vegas is I get to share wisdom as a stylist with retailers so they can better service their customers. If all this happens in Vegas, then I happily go to Vegas. And, let’s be honest, the people watching in Vegas is top-notch.

I’m not leaving until Saturday and have an early flight home Monday morning, and I am ready with some blog posts for this week. However, looking at my week ahead with meetings and clients, and the fact that I have to jump right back into work next Monday after a 6am flight home that day, I decided it was the right call to push back posting this week so I hit the ground running next Monday.

So, sit tight, I will be back next week, and Cameron will have a fresh Fab Find on Friday to share with all of you. In the meantime, come by and visit my closed Facebook Group of like-minded women who have created a wonderful style and fashion community.

See you next week!