Today’s economy is very unstable right now.  The fact that its tax season doesn’t help matters. I know the new tax law that was passed last year has been a slap in the face.  A friend who usually gets back around $5000 now OWES $1300! I’ve heard similar horror stories from others. I count myself lucky. I was saving for a trip to Japan, so I had an additional $50 taken from each paycheck.  Usually, I get $1400 back, but with the extra taken out, I thought I’d get $2600. I’m getting back a little over $900. I’m so glad I had money taken out or I would owe hundreds that I just don’t have right now.

With that in mind for the next few weeks, Fab Finds are going to focus on items that can save you money!

It’s rare to find an item that will pay for itself the first time you use it, but I’ve found something that can save you five times what it costs when you take it out of the box!

Voyager Luggage Scale

Saving money when you travel can be very hard. There are so many restrictions on travel now. One that can cost you up to $100 in an instant is an overweight bag. If you show up and get dinged, what are you going to do? It’s going to get pretty costly to toss perfectly good clothes in the airport trash. Is THIS why they have luggage stores in airports? I never understood that. You’re already THERE. Then you’d need to pay for an extra bag. You needn’t worry anymore, there is the Voyager Digital Luggage Scale! Check it out here.

Voyager Digital Luggage Scale is a quick easy way to make sure you never pay those insane fees!  Simple easy to use and weighs less than one pound, you can take it with you in case you want to pick up some items on your trip. Ready to save some money? Leave a comment and you might win a scale!

Also, chime in on what gadgets save you money? What do you do to bring in some extra scratch?