Women may have different style preferences and wardrobe needs, but despite these differences, there is one thing all women have in common, they want their wardrobes to be workable and efficient.

In an effort to make a wardrobe workable and more streamlined, one way to do it is to take clothing from work to weekend without having two completely separate wardrobes. If this is what you are lookign for, I have an easy approach to share with you.

Work to Weekend Wardrobe Strategy

I want you to think of your wardrobe in three parts. The part of your wardrobe you exclusively wear to work, the part of your wardrobe you exclusively wear casually and then the part that can be worn in both parts.

Using the chart above, to get maximum wear from what you buy, imagine taking two circles and overlapping them. The overlapping part is the part that can be worn both to work and on the weekend, and, as you can see, it’s the largest part. The smaller areas are the exclusive casual and work parts.

Let’s take a look at some outfits to explain this further. Check out how I use one piece to put together outfits that are casual, dressy weekend or business casual and then strictly workplace appropriate.

Outfits #1

work to weekend

In these first looks, I am using this basic navy jumpsuit from Tahari. It may not be suitable for super casual, but it can be easily worn for fun casual weekend plans styled with these printed Tory Burch sandals, and bright red tassel earrings Madewell.

In the dressy weekend look, I styled the jumpsuit with yellow wedge sandals from Linea Paolo, a printed scarf from Tory Burch and navy resin teardrop hoop earrings from Halogen.

Lastly, for work, I added this ivory cotton bouclé jacket from IRO and finished the look with beige block heel pumps from Bella Vita, a silver layered necklace from Stella & Dot and silver hoop earrings from Sophie Buhai.

In all three looks, I used the same navy handbag, this Coach tote. The key to getting the most out of one handbag is to make sure it can be work in all categories of your life.

Outfits #2

work to weekend

In these next looks, I took the Iro jacket I used in the third outfit above and styled it three different ways, from casual to a corporate work look. You will notice I used the same shoes again, as well as the same basic tank top from Nic & Zoe in taupe.

In the first outfit, I styled the jacket with ankle length jeans for a casual weekend look. I used the Tory Buch sandals and added this bone colored bag from Sole Society.

The next outfit can be worn in a business casual work environment and also on the weekend. I styled the jacket with wide-leg cropped pants from J.O.A., the yellow sandals, and the same Sole Society bag.

In the third outfit, for a more professional look, I styled the IRO jacket with a windowpane pencil skirt from BOSS, the same layered Stella & Dot necklace, bone handbag, and beige block heels.

Outfits #3

work to weekend

Now I am taking the wide leg cropped pants and styling them three ways, from super casual to a business casual look.

In the first outfit, I styled them with the same Tory Burch printed sandals and taupe tank. I added a denim jacket and used the same Sole Society handbag and navy resin teardrop hoops.

For a dressier weekend look, I added a navy sleeveless top from Banana Republic, the same yellow sandals, navy Coach bag, and the same navy earrings as the last look.

In the work look, I added this more professional top from J. Crew, silver layered necklace, beige block heel pumps and navy Coach tote.

Outfits #4

work to weekend

I have had quite a few clients pick up an Equipment blouse, like this one, and wear it from work to the weekend. In these outfits, I am showing you a way to do it.

Using this blouse, I styled it casually for the weekend using a pair of black shorts from Lafayette 148, added a pair of silver Birkenstock Gizehs, the silver hoop earrings I used previously, and a red Longchamp tote.

For a dressier weekend look, I used the previously used ankle length jeans and styled with the yellow wedge sandals, the red Longchamp bag, and silver hoop earrings.

Lastly, for work, I styled the top with a pair of basic black ankle pants, the taupe block heels, red bag, and red tassel earrings.

Outfits #5

work to weekend

In these last outfits, I styled all three looks with this easy full skirt from Boden that can go from work to weekend with ease. Plus, it has pockets. Huzzah!

In the casual look, I repeated the pieces previously used to create this look, the denim jacket, taupe tank, sole society handbag, printed sandals, and navy teardrop hoops.

In the dressy casual look, I added the navy sleeveless top, yellow wedge sandals, navy coach bag, printed scarf and the navy teardrop hoops.

For work, I styled the skirt with the beige pumps, the J. Crew top, bone bag, silver layered necklace and hoops.

The key to an efficient wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to have a large wardrobe as much as it means you have to have the right things in it. I hope these examples help you learn how to take your clothes from one part of your life to the next.