One of my favorite podcasts is What’s the Tee with Rupaul and Michelle Visage. As much as I love the celebrity interviews, I think my favorite episodes are ones where it’s just Rupaul and Michelle chatting about random things going on in their life. One episode they began chatting about cars, and Michelle remarked, “I could have bought my dream car by now with all the money I’ve spent at the dentist.”

It’s true the dentist is not cheap, and it’s rare to find companies that offer health insurance, and even fewer that offer dental. But dental health, though criticized by some as cosmetic, is critical to overall health.  Bacteria from poorly maintained teeth can impact cardiovascular health. Recently I heard a horrifying story of a man who had an infected tooth. The infection spread and he ended up losing an eye.


You need to take care of your teeth. Electric toothbrushes are a step in the right direction. People who use them remove more plaque than traditional manual brushes and people tend to brush longer, but they can bulky and make a lot of noise.  What can you do?

Get a Quip. Bristles with just the right amount of sonic vibrations and guiding pulses to help simplify better brushing. Just what the dentist ordered for a wholesome two minute clean. Visit their site here.

Quip is waterproof and shower-safe. It can even suction to a mirror. Slim and rechargeable without bulky wires, it’s perfect for travel. And the starter kit begins at a mere $25.

But that’s not the BEST part. One big problem people don’t even realize is you need to change your toothbrush every 3 months. Bacteria can build up and bristles can break down. Quip will send you replacement heads automatically every 3 months for a mere $5!

Yes it will cost some money to get started but in the end, it could save hundreds maybe thousands in dental care. For me, it’s worth it to avoid dental emergencies. Earlier this year I had a tooth infection that caused one side of my face to swell up. I looked like a Picasso painting. It cost me hundreds and I lost two days of work not to mention the PAIN.

Get a Quip already.  Get one here.