We’re still looking for gadgets that save money and now I’ve found that could easily save you hundreds a year, not to mention a lot of time and hassle. 

Just a few weeks ago I bought an eggplant for a casserole. The next night I had plans I forgot about it. Then a few days later I arrived home from work late and knew it would be hours until I ate if I made the casserole that night. Friday rolled around but I was exhausted. By the time next Saturday arrived and I was ready to make the casserole, the eggplant was rotten. It never even made it out of the plastic bag.

The statistics on food waste are alarming. The most expensive food you’ll ever buy is the food that you throw out and never eat.  But aside from shopping on a daily basis, what can you do to keep produce from spoiling?


Bluapple is an amazing little gadget you toss in your crisper (or wherever you keep your produce) that absorbs the ethylene gas that produce emits and will keep food fresher longer.  The patented Bluapple has been used for years in the industry to keep fruits and veggies fresh from farm to market and now you can use it! You place a packet inside the perforated  Bluapple (Bluapple works best in small enclosed areas like crisper drawers, bags or covered bowls) that typically lasts three months. Once the three months is over, you remove the packet and use it as a fertilizer for house plants!

Bluapple also makes Veggiezips, their amazing produce bags with hydro liners that can either save your produce by reducing moisture or keeping your produce moist. You make the call. Visit their website here.

Ready to save some money? Get a Bluapple and some Veggiezips. Ready to save even MORE money?  Enter BR043019 for 20% off your order at checkout. This code is good for the ENTIRE month of April!