I am really excited to share this new monthly feature here on the blog. My Facebook Group is comprised of some pretty extraordinary women. Truly, it’s the members of the group that have made it the amazing and supportive space it has become. Each member has their own unique style and qualities that make them special and a valuable part of the group. They’re also just like you. They’re relatable women living real lives, with real bodies, read budgets, real style challenges and real wardrobe needs.

To kick off this series, I am featuring Meg Keeler. A Facebook Group member who definitely has a style that makes her a standout. She’s bold, has an amazing spirit, is inspiring and unabashedly embraces her own unique style. I love having her as a member and appreciate all she contributes.

Let’s get to know Meg better in this fun Q&A.

If you’re not a member of the Facebook Group yet, we welcome you to join us by finding out more here.