Mrs. Refined and I were texting last week. You remember Mrs. Refined, right? If you are just getting caught up now, you can read about her here. During our texts, Mrs. Refined told me about an encounter she had at an airport while wearing one of her new plaid jackets.

Mrs. Refined inspired me to write a post on plaid jackets because there are so many in the stores right now. After telling me this, she volunteered to take some outfit photos to share on the blog, which I thought was really generous. By the next morning, I had a bunch of photos in my inbox. I told you Mrs. Refined is like the Energizer Bunny.

Mrs. Refined Styles her Plaid Jackets

At first glance, plaid jackets can look a bit…weird. If you’re around my age, you may remember a horribly campy show called Uncle Floyd that was a low-budget sketch comedy and live music show hosted by Floyd Vivino and started airing in the mid-seventies. The show was ridiculous and you couldn’t forget the iconic plaid jackets Uncle Floyd wore.

Uncle Floyd
Uncle Floyd

Even if you don’t remember the show Uncle Floyd, you likely have some sort of memory of plaid jackets in your life at some point or another, like on an old uncle wearing them with white shoes or a super preppy person wearing one on Easter. Plaid jackets can be cool or cooky. It all depends on how they are styled. Of course, Mrs. Refined styled them in a beautiful and obviously refined way, and she was happy to share her outfits with all of us. Check them out below.

Smythe Madras Plaid Jacket

This Smythe blazer is the style that Mrs. Refined was wearing when she got stopped at the airport. Even Mrs. Refined and I would agree, at first glance, it’s a bit much. However, styled it is awesome! Here are some outfits Mrs. Refined styled for the blog.

Here are three ways Mrs. Refined quickly styled her Smythe blazer. It’s great casually with jeans and also works perfectly over a basic dress. This blazer is a really perfect work-to-weekend piece. Mrs. Refined doesn’t really wear flats, but a pair of slip-on-sneakers or ballerina flats would totally work with a casual weekend outfit.

Akris Punto Cropped Blazer

I love this little plaid jacket from Akris Punto. Both Mrs. Wonderful and Mrs. Refined purchased it. I love Akris Punto’s jackets, and I love the way this style works so well over dresses. It also looks chic with narrower or wider leg pants.

Here are three looks Mrs. Refined styled using these looks. The tank under this jacket is the same in the earlier looks, a reversible Lafayette 148 tank in a blush tone.

BOSS Plaid Jacket

I love this plaid jacket from BOSS. At first, Mrs. Refined only bought the plaid jacket. A few days later, she texted me a photo of the pants that go with it to create a suit and wondered what I thought. I told her to go for it.

Here is the BOSS jacket styled as a suit two different ways and then over a basic navy dress. As crazy as it sounds to wear a plaid suit, Mrs. Refined makes it look pretty effortless.

Elie Tahari Gingham Plaid Jacket

What I like about this black and white plaid jacket from Elie Tahari is it can be treated like a solid black blazer, which gives it a lot of versatility in how it can be worn. Like the BOSS blazer, Mrs. Refined also bought the pants that go with this jacket to create a suit. It may sound crazy but looks great.

See all the colors Mrs. Refined can wear with this suit? And this is only scratching the surface. The cool thing is every piece styled with this plaid jacket and pants was already in Mrs. Refined’s closet.

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