“One of the very few things that I do every single day is put on fragrance. If I’m not wearing makeup … I still put my fragrance on. I will brush my teeth and put on my perfume.” — Blake Lively

I love perfume. If you read this column regularly you know that. Honestly, I feel vulnerable when I’m not wearing fragrance. But it’s important to get quality scents.  Stuff you buy from the drugstore may initially smell good but they fade very quickly and can have some foul ingredients.

Owner Cat Chen, when working for the Honest Company, became a lot more aware of everything she put in and on her body. Perfume was no exception, especially since it stays on your skin, all day long.

Cat Chen was quoted as saying, “searching for a fragrance that did not contain allergens and harmful chemicals and smelled fresh and sophisticated was fruitless.” That’s what motivated her to create Skylar Perfumes.  Cat realized she wasn’t the only woman looking for a non-toxic natural perfume.

Skylar Natural Perfumes are cruelty-free, vegan, hypo allergenic and does not contain parabens or any other harmful chemicals. The scents can even be layered without any clashing. You can order a scent sampler containing all 6 perfumes for $20 which will be created against your first order. Check out their site here.

But Skylar doesn’t stop with making great perfumes. They support a  wonderful mentor program for young girls called Step Up. Did you know, 50% of girls from underserved neighborhoods will not complete high school? This scary statistic has a lifelong impact on their earning potential, the standard of living, and confidence. Step Up’s mission is to provide these girls with after-school programming, mentorship, and career guidance they need to become confident, college-bound, and successful women.

You can get a discount either using The Scent Club subscription or ordering in multiples.