If you’ve been keeping abreast of environmental news lately you know the prospects for the planet are GRIM. More than a million species will be extinct soon. The reality of global warming is causing killer weather that is leaving many people dead and completely altering entire ecosystems. It’s not good. 

What can the average person do? Now there is an inexpensive way to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint in a way that is not only fast and easy but saves money and time! 

Truman’s Cleaners

Truman’s Cleaners mails you concentrated non-toxic vials. You add the water yourself. This saves on plastic and the fuel to ship was solutions that are mostly water anyway.  You can try them for 45 days risk-free they offer free shipping! Visit their site here.

This saves space. A decade’s worth of Truman’s refills fit in a kitchen drawer. It saves plastic. No more use and toss bottles. And it saves Money! Truman refills are only $3.75. Bottles and shipping are always free to subscribers. 

You may have heard of the plastic island in the ocean. I can’t bear to even google it. You can check it out here if you want.

Since the production of plastic took off in the 1950s — when Life magazine extolled a future of “Throwaway Living” — the planet has accumulated 9.2 billion tons of plastic. That’s about 1.3 tons for every man, woman, and child on Earth. Less than a fifth of all plastic gets recycled globally. In the U.S., it’s less than 10 percent. And big cleaning is responsible for the production of billions of single-use plastic bottles every year.

Truman’s patented refill cartridges allow you to use your bottle time and time again. In fact, They can save billions of pounds of water from being shipped along with hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic being used if just 5% of Americans choose Truman’s over the traditional big cleaning brands. That’s why Fast Company has honored Truman as a World Changing Idea. 

Save money, save plastic, save time. It’s winning all around.