“And the sun is beating me senseless. I feel defenseless like a dying lamb. Don’t want to fry by the oceanside. Don’t want to lay in the sand.
Must be summer.”
Fountains of Wayne

I’m not a fan of summer. It’s weird since I was born in Arizona and currently live in New York, where summer runs about 200 degrees every day between May and October. I think a big part of it, is how susceptible to sunburn I am. Which is bizarre because I’m Latina!

Even having one sunburn can dramatically increase your chances of getting skin cancer. This is a cause close to Bridgette’s heart as she lost her father to the disease, so we’re never gonna stop recommending sun protection to you. But the awesome news not only have I found an amazing SPF lotion, it comes from a company run a brilliant scientist.

Dr. Jen’s House of Beauty

Dr. Jennifer Dietrich received her B.A. in Pathogenic Microbiology (University of Kansas, 1999) and her Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Biophysics (University of Kansas, 2004) with a focus on the cellular mechanisms of aging. Find out more here.

She’s not just a person in a lab coat, she knows what she’s talking about! After realizing her makeup bag contained a lot of harsh damaging chemicals, Dr. Jen was determined to create her own makeup and skincare that would be effective awesome and not toxic. In addition to her awesome cosmetics, beloved by drag queens (Season 5 winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race Jinkx Monsoon is a big fan!), she has created my new favorite SPF lotion.

Dr. Jen has rolled up her formulator sleeves and created a sunscreen that contains no chemical sunscreens and is lightweight and a joy to use. Zinc oxide is the UV filter, added at 10% along with antioxidants and light-scattering actives to bring the SPF to 30. This product is not waterproof. Available in scented or fragrance-free, and in regular or GLITTER form.

Want to ask her a question? You can to her website and ask her advice directly on skincare and makeup! Excited to try her products? One lucky winner will get a full size fruit acid facial wash and some fun samples. Leave a comment and say why you why to try it out and you could win!