How awesome is my job? Last week, I got to shop for mid-casual clothes with two clients I have named Mrs. Sunshine and Mrs. Wonderful. You know they wouldn’t have gotten aliases like this if were anything otherwise, so it was a great week.

Mrs. Sunshine & Mrs. Wonderful Shop for Mid-Casual

I coined the term mid-casual was coined after working with Mrs. Sunshine. I blogged about it and it went on to become a very popular post because I think most women are seeking these types of clothes. Mid-casual falls in-between super-casual and dressy-casual. Isn’t that how most of us live?

Mrs. Sunshine’s Purchases

I’ll start with Mrs. Sunshine and a review of all her purchases. To recap briefly (you can read more about her in the mid-casual post above), Mrs. Sunshine is a new client this year, and she is amazing. This recent shopping trip was our first. She’s getting ready for retirement later this year. She spends a great deal of time with her new grandson and leads a very full life of travel, spending time with friends and her husband, enjoying her beach house on the weekends in the summer and doing philanthropic work. When you meet Mrs. Sunshine, you immediately feel warmth in her presence. She’s a gift.

Here is an overview of all the pieces Mrs. Sunshine purchased for mid-casual summer. Most of these items are from Eileen Fisher, some are from Piazza Sempione, and there is a little AG, Lafayette 148 and J Brand thrown into the mix.

The beauty of all these pieces is they mixed-and-matched so well that Mrs. Sunshine didn’t even need the outfit styling session that typically follows. Also, the Piazza Sempione Audrey pants (a style that not one client has ever looked bad in)– in addition to the navy, denim and printed style, Mrs. Sunshine also bought them in khaki and white.

Additional Selections

In addition to these pieces, there were items I suggested in addition to the ones she bought to round out her wardrobe.

With the exception of the Sofft sandals, I have personal experience with all of the shoes. I live in my Birkenstock Gizehs in the summer, the Frye Melanie slip-on is the most amazing slip-on sneaker and Sabrinas London flat is the most comfortable flats I have ever worn. True story, I walked six miles in them once. The white cardigan is an easy style that Mrs. Wonderful purchased a few months ago and I knew would be perfect for Mrs. Sunshine.

Mrs. Wonderful’s Purchases

Mrs. Wonderful is a client I have worked with for five years now. I have developed a very close relationship with her and her entire family. They’re such great people. Mrs. Wonderful doesn’t live in the NYC area. Her family spends a month here in New York City every summer to give their kids the city experience. Mrs. Wonderful and I get together for some shopping every time she is here. We usually meet twice during her visit, a shopping trip for casual and another one at the end of the month for work clothes.

Mrs. Wonderful is the CEO of a rather large company, her husband is very active in local politics and she is very involved in it as well. The first year Mrs. Wonderful reached out to me, she knew she would be more visible through her career and her husband’s political work. Smart move.

With a focus on mid-casual, this is what Mrs. Wonderful purchased. You’ll notice some duplication between her purchases and Mrs. Sunshine’s. We shopped at Everlane, Eileen Fisher and a small boutique called Apiece Apart (more on that below).

I recently became a huge Everlane fan. Not only are their prices affordable, the company is committed transparency and ethical fashion. They partner with the best, ethical factories around the world, source only the finest materials and share it—down to the true cost of every product they make. They call it Radical Transparency.

Apiece Apart


My client Ms. Vedic recommended this great little boutique in Soho that I had to check out. It’s a tiny little place that has some really fun pieces. Mrs. Wonderful was game to check it out and walked away with four really unique summer pieces. These jump pants, this natural striped jumpsuit, a navy jumpsuit, and these printed pants.

I hope you have been inspired to make some mid-casual purchases for yourself. My special thanks to both Mrs. Sunshine and Mrs. Wonderful for permission to share their purchases.