I have been spotting a lot of mint green in the stores lately. It’s not a color trend anyone is really talking about, and I do wonder if I am noticing it because it’s a shade that looks so cool and refreshing. We’re in the middle of a sweaty, disgusting, endless heatwave in New York, so I will take whatever I can get to not feel like my body parts aren’t melting into one large lump.

This is what makes mint green so amazing. You look at the color and it actually evokes feelings of being refreshed and cooled down. I’m aging myself terribly by referencing the movie Mask, but remember the scene when Rocky, played by Eric Stoltz, tried to explain colors to Laura Dern, who was playing a blind girl he met at camp? He put hot and cold stones in her hand to explain red and blue. To explain mint green, he would simply have to put a spoonful of mint ice cream in her mouth to really evoke the feelings of the color.

Mint green being like air conditioning for the eyes (okay, it won’t actually cool you down, but I will take whatever I can get at this point) and given that we’re smack in the middle of the hottest time of the year, I have put together some outfits using mint green to show how you can style this color for summer.

How to Look Refreshing Wearing Mint Green

In this first outfit, I styled a mint green t-shirt from J. Crew with grey. I added casual wide-leg cropped pants from Caslon and finished the look with a pair of silver metallic sandals from Eileen Fisher, a vegan leather backpack from Urban Originals and a printed scarf from Mango because you know you’ll need it after spending more than five minutes in an air-conditioned room.

Outfit #2

This next outfit literally looks like a counter at an ice cream shop and is admittedly not a color combination for everyone. I’d be more inclined to put it on someone who can pull off these soft shades, like fair blondes. It’s a stunning way to pull off a corporate summertime work look. I styled this mint green skirt from BOSS Hugo Boss with a blush pink blouse from Chelsea 28 and cotton pique blazer from Rag & Bone. I finished the outfit with tan pumps from Sam Edelman and bag from Kate Spade and a tonal mint green necklace from The Avenue.

Outfit #3

I love mint green and navy as a color combination. I styled this casual look with a mint green scarf from Banana Republic, navy sleeveless tunic from Eileen Fisher and white jeans from KUT from the Kloth. I finished the outfit with navy sandals from Sarto by Franco Sarto, silver crossbody from Urban Originals and silver drop earrings from Monica Vinader.

Outfit #4

Solid mint green isn’t the only trend. Lots of prints have mint green backgrounds or touches of the color in the pattern. I styled this dress from Ted Baker with a flatform sandal in white from Vince Camuto, an olive wristlet from Dagne Dover and geometric drop earrings from Kendra Scott.

Outfit #5

While looking for pieces to style with these mint green shoes from Jaggar, I wanted to find something that wasn’t predictable. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to pair them with black or another neutral. Even I didn’t think of a shade like a teal/turquoise until I found this dress from Cos. These shades work tonally because both the teal and the mint have shades of yellow and blue in them. Teal is a very warm blue and mint is a very blue green if that makes sense. I love them together. Mint green shoes are also a great option if you like the color but not near your face. I finished this outfit with a printed clutch from Ted Baker and statement earrings from Kendra Scott.

Ready to refresh your wardrobe with mint green?

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