This year has been the year of foot problems for me. Earlier this year, I struggled with plantar fasciitis, something that hasn’t entirely gone away as much as it has just waned for the time being. Then, to make matter worse, on the same foot as my plantar fasciitis, I developed something called metatarsalgia, which is pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot.

This new pain got me to the podiatrist where I got a confirmation of metatarsalgia. He taped up my foot in this really intricate way to relieve pressure on the ball of my foot when I walked and was told to keep it taped for a few days.

This was a strong warning to really think about the shoes I wear. While my Birkenstock Gizehs are great, my sneakers needed to be updated. I purchased this pair from New Balance. Wave anything neon coral in front of me and it’s an easy sell.

The best part is I got them on sale at Amazon for $45. These sneakers are part of New Balance’s Fresh Foam Collection, which I highly recommend if you have any type of foot problems and need a little more cushioning.

Stylish Sneaker Looks

This whole ordeal also got me thinking about adding more sneakers to my wardrobe, not just for the gym. Knowing that I’m not the only one who has foot problems and is looking to use sneakers for the same reason. Even if you don’t have foot problems, adding sneaker looks to your wardrobe can just be fun. I have selected five different sneaker styles and created five different outfits. There are also additional sneaker styles to consider below each look.

#1- Hidden Wedge Sneakers

hidden wedge sneakers

When sneaker wedges first came out I was skeptical. They weren’t as nuanced as they are now. Now, I find the hidden wedge styles rather appealing. Often, people think that totally flat shoes are the way to go when you have foot pain, but podiatrists will often recommend a shoe with a small 1-2″ heel over flats. The reason is that a small heel will take the stress off the tendons at the back ankle. This can be particularly helpful if you have plantar fasciitis.

I styled these waterproof hidden wedge sneakers from Blondo. Hidden wedge sneakers being more fall looking, I styled these sneakers for fall with these skinny olive jeans from Vigoss with a relaxed ivory sweater from Everlane and finished the outfit with an olive bag from Frances Valentine and scarf from Vince Camuto.

#2- Slip-On Sneakers

slip on sneakers

I love my Frye slip-on sneakers, one of the four sneakers I listed above. I was shocked by how supportive they are considering they don’t appear to have a lot of cushioning. Slip-on sneakers are like ballerina flat/sneaker hybrids that can add a little panache to a look.

I created this sneaker look using these olive Flexx slip-on sneakers that I styled with cream wide-leg cropped pants from Topshop, short sleeve sweater in soft blue from Frame and denim jacket from AG. To finish the outfit, I added this navy bag from Longchamp and hoop earrings from Bony Levy.

#3- Athletic sneakers

sneaker looks

I have been wearing my new sneakers beyond the gym and making them work with my outfits. I don’t have much of a need for a suit, but if I did, I’d definitely look for ways to created suited sneaker looks. Wearing sneakers with ankle suits that have narrow ankle-length skinny pants have become quite popular. It’s modern.

I styled these grey UGG athletic sneakers with a black pants suit from Banana Republic (link to jacket, link to pants), and layered a red and white striped t-shirt from J. Crew underneath the jacket. I finished the outfit with a grey bag from Dagne Dover and black stud earrings.

#4 Creeper Sneakers

sneaker looks

Creeper sneakers have such a unique history. They’re also commonly known as Teddy Boy sneakers. I have been in the fashion industry for 25 years and didn’t even know this whole story.

I styled these coral creepers from Vans for summer with a dress from Cos and slate blue handbag from Kate Spade.

#5 High Tops

sneaker looks

I’m not sure how I feel about classic high top sneakers. Maybe it’s because I have small feet and large ankles. Maybe it’s because the last time I wore them I was in middle school. Maybe they just need time to grow on me. It doesn’t matter. They are one of the other popular sneaker looks at the moment.

I styled these high top sneakers from Vans with a pair of cropped jeans from AG and burgundy sweater from Halogen that I layered under a surplus jacket from Madewell. I finished the look with a blush scarf from Tory Burch and leopard belt bag from Think Rolyn.

With all the different types of sneakers out there to choose from, you will have no problem the right style to create great looks.