I don’t remember this, but apparently, as a child, I was once flipping through an Avon catalog when, I’ve been told, I asked my grandmother, “is all aging premature?” 

The reality is, as you get older you need to use different cosmetics than you did when you were younger.  Many cosmetics make versions specifically geared toward more mature skin. I never thought about lipstick for older women until I randomly stumbled across Color the World Lipstick. 

Color of the World Lipstick

The colors from Color of the World are moisturizing, long-wearing, buildable and will NEVER bleed and accentuate fine lines around your mouth.  I love that they give a clear detailed description of each shade, including its undertones. It’s so upsetting for me to buy a lipstick that looks like a great shade of red only to realize it has blue undertones when I put it on! Clashes horribly with my coloring. 

All Color the World lipsticks are vegetarian, hand-poured, cruelty-free and made fresh in America. Could it get any better? Yes, it actually can. With every purchase of the vegan/cruelty-free natural lipsticks, Color The World will donate a portion of proceeds to charity. You can shop by color or by charity. 

The packaging is just too adorable. Each tube is decorated with themes related to the charity it supports. I almost bought a pale pink (I would never wear it) just because the shade gives to Forever Home Rescue, which is an animal rescue, the tube is baby blue with doggies all over it! 

While reading the rave reviews on their website, a woman mentioned her reason for never buying any other type of lipstick for two reasons: The lipstick never feathered and the distinctive patterns and colors on each tube made each shade so easy to identify. As she said, “My 64 years old eyes have a hard time with the tiny letters on the bottom of the tubes. But with Color the World, I can spot the lipstick I want instantly. I ever have to worry about grabbing the wrong one!” A point I never considered until this reviewer mentioned it.

Reasonable priced, excellent colors, money going to charities, no surprise undertones, no bleeding and cute packaging I don’t think it gets better than this! Check out Color of the World Lipstick here.