I couldn’t watch coverage the Amazon burning. It upset me too much. I’ve really made a point to look for products that help the environment in some way either by replacing something not eco-friendly or simply not contributing to waste. 

Every once in a while I hit the jackpot.  I found a product that not only takes mountains of makeup remover wipes out of landfills, but it also saves you money and doesn’t require any additional product to clean your face. 

You only need water!  But not eye makeup, you’re thinking, definitely not mascara.  Yes, eye makeup too! Including mascara. 

The MakeUp Eraser

The MakeUp Eraser cloth is a magic cloth that wipes your makeup off. It’s made with special fibers. You wet the MakeUp Eraser with warm water (machine wash it before you use it). Working gently move the cloth on the short fiber side in a circular motion and the makeup will come off!  When removing tough eye makeup, soak the cloth in water as hot as you can stand (but don’t burn yourself!) hold over eye makeup for 5 seconds then move the cloth gently in a circular motion. You may have to take a couple of passes for waterproof mascara.  Visit their site here.

I have read over the page about the fibers and how they work with ions to create a suction that literally lifts your makeup off. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it doesn’t have to, I know it works.  You can use the long fiber side to gently exfoliate your skin.  From there you have a fresh face from your nighttime skincare routine. 

You’ll need to wash your MakeUp Eraser cloth once or twice a week with regular use and you’ll need to replace it every 3-5 years.  By using it, you are removing thousands of wipes from landfills. Experts estimate that roughly a million wipes are tossed out each year. That’s not even taking their plastic tubs into account.  

Do you even want to talk about the effect makeup removers can have on your skin over time?  Those harsh chemicals aren’t doing anything good. Get rid of them and get a MakeUp Eraser cloth.  Purchase yours here.