“A dress is so great because you can grab a dress, then you either wear it with tights or no tights, depending on what the weather is outside. You can throw a little jacket over it; you can take the jacket off. It’s very easy.” – Busy Philipps

The other day chatting with a friend about pants. She remarked that she had known me for eight years and had never seen me wear jeans. I pointed out that I don’t own any. But winters in New York are COLD and I live in dresses. I need to cover my legs. I love tights, but finding ones that fight me is a challenge. Once when helping a designer with a show for fashion week, he sent me out to buy tights for the models. They were the same size and brand I wore except I was buying tights for women who were 5ft 9in and weighed 110 lbs. I am 5ft 1inch and considerably heavier yet we wear the same size?

It’s because traditional tight sizes presume that if a woman needs a bigger size it’s because she’s taller, no consideration is given beyond that. It definitely explains why I can constantly besieged by the tragedy that is crotch sag.  How did I never hear about Snag Tights until now?

Snag Tights  

The point of Snag Tights is to take your height and body shape into account when considering your size. First, select your body shape – curvacious or athletic, then trace across from your height and dress size. Snag makes comfortable, fun tights for everyone, from size 2 to 34.

They are founded on the principles of strong ethical behavior. Snag was started to ensure anyone who wanted to wear tights can have comfortable affordable tight that fit –regardless of size, shape, gender or anything! The tights are made in a family-owned factory that pays a living wage to all its employees and does everything in its power to ensure production is as kind to the environment as possible and don’t use plastic in their tights. Check out Snag Tights here.