I will never forget seeing a great sale on Marc Jacobs rain boots. Only $15! I snapped up a pair of size 8’s without even trying them on and waited happily for a rainy day.  Only problem, they were too tight on my calves. I couldn’t even get my foot into them, and I bought them on sale so I couldn’t return them.

It was not the first time I had trouble fitting boots onto my calves. It’s not even as issue of size really, as many very slender women have the same trouble. Even at her smallest size, Bridgette has a hard time finding boots that fit her calves.

As I’ve mentioned before I live in dresses. Knee-high boots would be perfect to keep my legs warm but I can never find any that fit me. Except now.


WideWidths.com is an online store devoted to providing beautiful, fashionable, stylish high-quality boots with extra-wide calves for any woman who wants a pair of boots that fit comfortably and offer widths no other retailer provides. Due to popular demand, along with boots for wide foot widths and boots for extra wide calf widths that Wide Widths are known for, they carry boots in medium foot widths as well.

Wondering how you can insure a perfect fit? You can follow instructions on the website on how to measure your calf to find your calf size category.

Worried about buying something off the internet? Don’t be. You can shop knowing that each pair has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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I see we have a few minutes left in class so how about some tips on boot care?

Invest in a good weather-proofer. Your boots will be exposed to rain, snow and probably sidewalk salt, a good water repellent will save your boots. If your boots get salty ice on them, dilute white vinegar with water, wipe the salt off and let them dry. Do not place them near a heat source to dry or that heat will crack the leather. 

Another tip Bridgette gives her clients about protection sued shoes. Purchase suede protection spray. One coat isn’t enough. Instead, apply a coat every hour from about dinnertime until you go to bed and then let them dry overnight.

Consider having a rubber sole put on. If you live in an area that gets a lot of ice a gripping rubber sole can literally save your life or least save you from injury and will extend the life of your soles. 

Make sure your boots keep their shape. Leather can crack from having the shaft bent over when not being worn. If you don’t want to spend money on a boot shaper you can place 1 Liter plastic bottles inside your boots to keep them standing upright.