The story of how I met Ana Kreyszig is a good one. Before I started my business, I was a frequent contributor to the now-defunct New York Times fashion forum, a nice place where fashion enthusiasts could connect. Like most forums or message boards, members got to know each other and I let the group know about my new venture as a stylist. I also told them I had a monthly newsletter, which was paper at the time (this was a loooonng time ago.) Much to my surprise, a few forum members asked me to send them a copy, Ana was one of them, and, truly, this was how I started to expand in the early stages of my business beyond people I knew.

The first time I met Ana in-person was at a seminar I created and she attended. After that, she hired me. She was one of my first clients and gave me the faith that I could actually do this as a career. Since then, Ana and I have stayed in touch and she has continued to hire me a few times over the years. One day I will tell you about an amazing Cavali dress she purchased for an event. TO DIE FOR.

I am thrilled that Ana agreed to be a Facebook Group Member of the Month. She is a gentle but mighty powerhouse and someone I respect and admire greatly.