A few months ago, we were celebrating my niece’s sweet 16. At the party, there was a collage of photos of my niece from birth to today. I pointed out a photo of my sister and niece and my sister replied, “That was from a time when I thought I had to dress how moms are supposed to dress.” Today, my sister, mom of three, has a sleeve of tattoos down one arm and a bunch more peppered throughout her body. She frequently has some outrageous color dyed somewhere in her hair and the last time I saw her she was wearing a cardigan with a skull and crossbones on the back. For my sister, this is authentic.

The idea that there is one mom-style look is a myth. Often, we equate the quintessential mom look with ill-fitting khakis, a sensible haircut or something that comes from the Talbots catalog. Not that there is anything wrong with any of this if it’s is your jam, but it’s not for everyone. It’s interesting that once a woman gives birth the idea is that she is supposed to commit herself into one slot of style.

Perhaps you are the mom who remembers a carefree time when you closed bars, went to concerts, watched the sunrise, or frequented avant-garde art openings. Maybe you never did those things because becoming a mother came early in life and you never got the chance to explore this side of yourself but wish you did. You have no problem with your current commitments of carpooling or baking 16 dozen cupcakes for a fundraiser, you just wish you could do it in your combat boots and concert tee or at least with a little more authenticity to your true style. Thankfully, we’re living in a time where moms don’t have to choose one path of what mom-style looks like.

Edgy Mom Style: Outfits for Moms who Like a Little Funk in Their Looks

In today’s post, I have put together five looks that capture an edgy mom style. While anyone can wear them, I kept the needs of mothers in mind while also adding a little funk.

Outfit #1

This outfit is made up of things moms could easily wear for their busy mom lives, a sweater, pants and a pair of sneakers. It doesn’t get more mom than that. However, by selecting these specific pieces, they create an edgy mom look without being complicated.

I styled this printed sweater from Topshop with a pair of utility trousers that have plenty of pockets. I finished the look with a pair of high top sneakers from Rag & Bone, a belt bag from Cos that will keep any mom hands-free and a red beanie for a pop of color.

Outfit #2

For times when a mom needs to get a bit more dressed, I love this dress from Cos. It’s a basic shift but with some edge. Underneath it, I added this slim grey turtleneck from Mango and finished the outfit with black tights, platform Chelsea boots from Vagabond, black hoop earrings and a fun graphic tote.

Outfit #3

Nothing says edgy mom more than a leather moto jacket. Did you give yours up? Well, it’s time to bring it back. I styled this Madewell moto jacket with a pair of belted trousers from Mango and a black scoop neck top. I finished the outfit a pair of black and white plaid Vans and a plaid blanket scarf.

Outfit #4

When I created this look, I was reminded of a client of mine I worked with years ago because I know she would wear it in a second. She was a mom with edgy style and through working with me learned how to embrace it.

I styled this two-tone tunic sweater from BCBG with a pair of faux leather leggings. You’re going to wear leggings and a sweater anyway, why not do it in a way that is true to you? While you might not wear this outfit for after school pickups, a mom’s life isn’t entirely spent in the car, well not all of it. I finished the outfit with a pair of black booties, knotted strap handbag, and silver cuff from Knotty.

Outfit #5

Even though I am not a mom, I would wear this outfit tomorrow which proves that moms don’t have to give up what we non-moms would wear. I styled this Freddie Mercury t-shirt with wide-leg pants from H&M, and a hooded cape from Cos. I finished the outfit with heeled combat boots in burgundy from Marc Fisher, a Union Jack beanie and olive tote from Cos.

It’s time moms take back what exactly mom-style looks like, or at least get rid of the idea that there is one style lane that all moms need to drive down. You may never be seen as hip in your children’s eyes, but you will be seen as hip in your own.