I remember a coworker shopping for legendary La Mer cream (or as it’s listed on the website Crème de la Mer) that his mother-in-law wanted. He mentioned out loud that the 16-ounce jar was 24. Another person remarked “$24 dollars? That’s a really cheap cream. Why does your mother in law want it?” Someone had to point out it was $2,400. He could hardly speak but said, “My car is barely worth that much!” 

If I purchased such an expensive cream (there are many women who swear by La Mer…people say the ingredients are the same as Nivea), I would be guarding every milliliter of the cream like my life depended on it. Even with my more modestly priced skincare, I hate using cotton balls or swabs to apply it as it absorbs (wastes) some of the product.  I hate getting makeup all over hands, but what else can I do besides use a sponge or applicator? Debi Byrnes, who struggled with severe acne as a teen (and from time to time as an adult) simply wanted a way to apply harsh acne medication without the creams bleaching her fingertips white. Occasionally she would accidentally wipe her hands on her clothes leaving bleach strains there too. 

The Skin Slipper

What could be done? Why invent a device to protect your fingers of course! The Skin Slipper literally slips onto your index and middle fingers for you to wear while you apply products. 

  • Does not absorb costly skincare products (no waste)
  • Prevents fingers from being exposed to harmful ingredients that can cause irritation
  • Is cost-effective
  • Glides comfortably over the skin, relieving unnecessary additional irritation
  • Is easy to clean
  • Can be used again and again

Beyond personal use, use The Skin Slipper when topically applying medication on your pets.

Product isn’t the only thing you’ll save. All this month, we’ve been focusing on products that are kind to the planet!  Single-use applicators, cotton swabs, etc. add up over time. This is a simple and inexpensive way to reduce waste. Check out The Skin Slipper here.