One of my earliest memories is pulling on a pair of my mother’s pantyhose at age 3,( it came up to my armpits I probably could have gotten them over my head) and climbing up on a dresser and dancing with my sister. My mother came into our bedroom and yelled at us. Was she worried about us falling and getting hurt? Nope. She was worried I’d rip her pantyhose. 

I learned about pantyhose from TV and commercials and, frankly, it confused me. I could NEVER figure out why on Three’s Company Joyce DeWitt’s character, Janet, wore pantyhose constantly, even sleeping in them and wearing them under her shorts to the beach. The worst was probably an AWFUL 80’s movie Perfect starring Jamie Lee Curtis playing an aerobics instructor who would wear pantyhose to work out! 

I love how pantyhose look and feel but I never wear them because I’ve ruined dozens of pairs, ripping them literally the first time I put them on. When I worked in an office that required hose, I bought them 30 at a time from a dollar store because that would last me a few months but I’d be lucky to wear them 3 times.  But I might start wearing them again if they are Sheertex Sheers.

SheerTex Sheers

Sheertex Sheers began as a Kick Starter. The goal? To create indestructible pantyhose. Are they indestructible? This video shows that people putting a potato in a sheer, stabbing it with a knife. 

There were holes in the potato but none in the sheers! They didn’t stand up to a machete attack, but if someone is attacking your legs with a machete, your stockings are the least of your worries. 

Sheertex comes in three varieties, sheers, shaping sheers, glow sheers and multiple sizes going all the way up to 2X. They are ultra-lightweight, antimicrobial and they won’t dig or roll. They are not inexpensive but since they are nearly indestructible you’ll save considerable money NOT constantly buying new pantyhose every week. But that’s not all you’ll save. Do you ever stop and think about the sheer volume (no pun intended) of hosiery that ends up in landfills each year? Not to mention all the materials that go into the packaging and the fuel it uses being delivered.  So check them out here!

Even better! SheerTex is offering 10% to blog readers using code FABFINDS10.