November is typically a busy month for client work. The weather is finally consistently colder which puts my clients in the mood to shop for fall. What happens is the floodgates open and I find myself spending more time in dressing rooms than I do at home.

This month, I had three very different clients who live very different lives, are different ages, and have very different priorities. I thought it would be fun to combine all their purchases into one post. Two of these clients I have blogged about before and one is a new client.

Shopping Selections Made by Three Different Clients

Mrs. Wonderful’s purchases

Let’s start with Mrs. Wonderful who is a longstanding client of mine and one of my favorite people who comes in from North Carolina to shop with me. I have visited her home and have gotten to know her entire family quite well. Mrs. Wonderful is a CEO and her husband works in local politics. She is one of my Triplets, as I call them.

The Triplets are comprised of Mrs. Wonderful, Ms. Chic and Mrs. Refined. I call them this because their styles often overlap and they frequently buy similar pieces. The Triplets all know of each other but due to privacy I keep between clients, don’t know each other personally. When one Triplet finds out I am with another one, they will send their regards to a fellow triplet and ask me to let them know what their triplet.

Here are Mrs. Wonderful’s shopping selections:

Mrs. Wonderful and I shopped at MM. Lafleur and Bloomingdales. A few notable purchases are the good staple cashmere short sleeve sweaters in a variety of colors, the Ted Baker coat with removable faux fur collar, the plaid Blackwatch plaid pants and blazer, which look good together as well as separated, and a pair of Good American jeans, which I recommend to anyone with curves, and the some of the fabulous workhorse dresses that M.M. Lafleur always offers.

Mrs. Sunshine

Mrs. Sunshine got her name because she is a true ray of sunshine. Most of my clients are absolutely lovely, but Mrs. Sunshine absolutely lives up to her namesake. She is also the client who inspired the popular post about mid-casual style. Mrs. Sushine will be celebrating her 60th birthday next month, she’s set to retire from her husband’s medical practice and is enjoying spending time with her grandchildren and the leisure that comes with this chapter of her life. As you can imagine, her wardrobe needs are very different from Mrs. Wonderful’s and Mrs. Sunshine needs a wardrobe that she can wear in a more refined mid-casual way.

Here are her shopping selections:

Some standout purchases include the grey sweater with metallic running through it from Peserico. We needed to find a chic piece that Mrs. Sunshine could wear to a birthday lunch in December and it was perfect. She also purchased a Jane Post faux fur-lined coat that looks great casually and in more dressy situations. Mrs. Sunshine’s favorite brands are Eileen Fisher, Lafayette 148, AG for jeans, and she swears by Piazza Sempione’s Audrey pants.

Mrs. Majestic

Sometimes, the hardest part of coming up with an alias for a client is finding one word to describe them. Mrs. Majestic is a new client and the best way I can describe her is this way. She has a presence. It’s not intimidating at all. She’s fun, playful, and a joy to spend time with while also having an impressive and clear commanding sense of self.

After spending a few years caring for a family member in need, Mrs. Majestic is entering the workforce again and essentially needed to build her work wardrobe back. What you will see as the biggest difference between her and my client Mrs. Wonderful, who has been with me for several years, is we needed to cover purchase basic staples Mrs. Majestic needed to get her work wardrobe going again.

Here are Mrs. Majestic’s shopping selections:

Seeing that Mrs. Majestic gains most of her weight in her stomach, we had tremendous success with Kobi Halperin’s ponte pants which are both comfortable and tailored looking. Mrs. Majestic picked up several styles in grey and black. You may not know this, but Theory now sizes up to a size 16. This is not a well-known fact and not all retailers carry these sizes from Theory. I know you can find these sizes at Bloomingdales. Also, if you are shopping in-store, be sure to ask an associate for the size as they are usually kept in the stockroom. Elie Tahari had some great tops and Mrs. Majestic also had success with Nic + Zoe and Eileen Fisher.

I hope you have enjoyed a behind the scenes look at the shopping selections my clients have recently made. There truly is something for everyone and I hope this post has inspired you to do some shopping of your own.