“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

I love candles. In college, our RA saw my scented candles and tried to confiscate them. No open flames in the dorms! We compromised. I cut the wicks off so they couldn’t be lit. 

Candles make such great gifts. They are gender-neutral and not too personal. I always buy several and wrap them in ribbons. “Hey, cousin, I haven’t seen in a decade, thanks for the chocolates and yes I have a gift for you too!” Bridgette will have some more ideas for gifts like this next week.

I’m thrilled to have found a new source for candles and it supports a great cause!

One Grid Candles

One Grid candles are gorgeous fabulous smelling candles handmade with essential oils and manufactured in the US. The most amazing part? Your home isn’t the only thing that will light up when you buy them.

Over 1.2 billion people are still without access to electricity worldwide. That’s 20% of the world’s population! Most people use kerosene lamps to light their homes. This is not ideal for many reasons. Kerosene is expensive, gives off harmful fumes and the risk of fire is always there!  Because it’s so expensive, it’s used sparingly.  Often children don’t do any schoolwork at night simply because they can’t see. 

One Grid partners with SolarAid, a leading international non-profit charity, tackling climate change and poverty by creating a sustainable market for solar lights.  The ultimate goal? The complete eradication of Kerosene lamps! With every candle you purchase, you’ll be delivering ONE solar light to a person in a rural country without electricity in need. Your solar light helps eliminate dangerous and harmful kerosene lamps.

The benefits of switching to solar

  • Not buying kerosene saves a rural family around $70 per year (up to 25% of household income). Money saved from solar is commonly spent on better food, education, medicine, and farming.
  • On average children study for an extra hour each night after switching to solar and the improved light source is shown to increase motivation, attendance, and performance at school.
  • Rural families are much safer with a reduced risk of lung damage and home fires from burning kerosene. Switching to solar also reduces the black carbon (soot) emitted into the environment by kerosene lamps. Emissions from the world’s fuel lanterns is equivalent to the exhaust from 30 million cars.

Don’t let the fact that these candles help others distract from their awesomeness.  

100% soy and coconut wax, with an all-cotton wick, they are scented using only all-natural essentials oils.  Hand-poured in small batches, they will burn for around 60 hours and they even come with branded matches. You can even reuse the glass holder.  The aromas available are so yummy you’ll have to remind yourself One Grid Candles are not edible. Shop for these candles and make a difference here.