Welp, we’re down to the wire on holiday shopping which is about the time I really start taking it seriously and am grateful for Amazon Prime. If you are in my boat, then you might be scrambling for some last-minute holiday gift ideas.

In addition, the potential for one of those awkward situations where someone gives you a gift and you have nothing to give them is bound to happen. It happened to me once and I was mortified and I had to rush around looking for something to give them. Therefore, even if you don’t have someone particular in mind, stocking up on affordable, simple gifts wrapped and on hand is smart.

Shopping for Last Minute Holiday Gifts: What to shop for.

In addition to sharing some last minute gifts, a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for them:

  • Pick up some gender-neutral gifts It’s hard to know who will be the recipient of these last minute gifts. You may want to leave something in the mailbox for your mailperson, a neighbor may stop by with fresh baked cookies; you never know. So make sure that all your gifts aren’t gender-specific and that you have a few universally appealing ones on hand.
  • Shop for things everyone needs but rarely buy Again, you want to be universally appealing so think of gifts that have a practical use. Perhaps consider things that you have been meaning to buy yourself but keep putting off.
  • Keep the gifts you don’t give for future gift-giving opportunities Instead of rushing around at the last minute next time, save the gifts that don’t get given for future needs. So make sure these gifts aren’t holiday-specific.
  • These are small gifts, not luxury purchases Think of them as stocking stuffers or small trinkets you can give to people in your life to let them know you are thinking of them.

Before we get into the last minute gift ideas, be sure to check out my newest video first.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas


Soaps are generic yet thoughtful gifts. Few people invest in high-quality soaps for themselves making this a perfect last minute gift idea.

Shop soaps


Like soaps, candles are also things that people rarely buy for themselves but love using.

Shop candles

Wine Stopper

A nice wine stopper is a gender-neutral gift that everyone can use. Of course, it is important to be mindful. If you don’t know if someone does or doesn’t consume alcohol, it’s best to avoid any liquor-related gifts.

Shop for wine stoppers

Spices and Sauces

A friend gave me the gift of different spices once and it wound up being a really practical and useful gift.

Shop for spices and sauces

Chocolate Treats

Perhaps not something you can keep until the next holiday or gift-giving opportunity because you don’t want them to go stale, but chocolate treats are wonderful gift ideas.

Shop for chocolate treats


If people drink liquids in their home then they can use coasters. A chic set will make a very thoughtful gift.

Shop coasters

Chic Mugs

I love a nice mug. It makes drinking my evening tea a bit more special and I always think of the person who gave me the mug.

Shop for mugs


I kept a journal for years and then fell out of the habit when I needed to get a new one and kept forgetting. Even if someone doesn’t keep a diary, journals can be great work tools and are great for keeping good ideas all in one place.

Shop for journals

Hand Cream

A nice tube of hand cream from a luxury brand is the perfect small gesture that shows thoughtfulness while also not breaking the bank.

Shop Hand Cream

Portable Charger

Given how wired we are, portable chargers are incredibly important. I have three and I don’t think I have ever bought one. I love receiving them because I always need one.

Shop Portable Chargers


When it comes to giving books, a few things to avoid. First, they should be fun, easy reads. They can be inspiring, but don’t push your agenda or differing opinions through books on someone that may not agree with what you do. Don’t give books as gifts to make someone feel unread either. The books you give should have a generic mass appeal and something interesting to the recipient.

Shop for books

Gourmet Salt

I know I already touched on spices, but what’s with all the fancy gourmet salt out there? It’s totally trending and on deck to become a 1.5 billion dollar industry by 2023 so I thought it deserved its own category.

Shop gourmet salt


Gloves are another thing people just can’t have enough of. They’re generic yet thoughtful gifts.

Shop for Gloves


I devoted a whole post yesterday to how socks make different gift ideas and I shared a whole bunch to shop.

Shop Socks

Picture Frames

Picture frames are one of my favorite gifts to give because I never buy them. I have so many photos I want to frame. This is a particularly thoughtful gift to give to any new home owner.

Shop Frames

Remember, holiday gift giving often lasts past Christmas. So if some of these gifts don’t make it to your doorstep in time it’s okay. Keep them for get-togethers with friends you won’t have an opportunity to see before the holidays and, remember, you can always hold on to for other gift giving needs after the holiday season.