Happy New Year! 

Welcome to 2020 gentle readers. We hope the holiday season treated you well. 

Few things give me as much joy as finding a wonderful product or service for these Fab Finds.  Many have me slapping my forehead wondering why no one thought to make this til NOW?” 

But now I’m looking to you. I need your feedback. 

What are Your Fab Finds?

I want to make sure the Fab Finds I choose are things that make your life easier, simpler or just more fun. What Fab Finds did you look and say, “finally!”

These are the fab find items we lean towards


I’m particularly proud of my finds that save time, money and help the planet. I love the Makeup Eraser and Bites Toothpaste. Do you know of a product or service that you can recommend that is eco-friendly that we could feature?


When it comes to evaluating products/services I have one strict criteria before all: how does it help? If you know of a fabulous lipstick, what is SPECIAL about that lipstick? What problem does it solve? These are things we consider.


Of course, all fab finds are evaluated on their usefulness, but one thing that really tips the scales is a company that gives back.  If a fabulous scarf, lipstick, etc contributes to Veterans or animals that really makes me want to feature it. 

What problems do you need solved? What Fab Finds have you loved? Which ones have you purchased and still use? What problems do you have that you would like to solve? 

If you have a business/service we’d love to hear from you to possibly feature! That said we do not accept MLMs. If you are thinking of getting involved with an MLM let me suggest you DON’T. If you are involved with MLM, get out now. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Google MLM or just watch this or this.  Friends don’t let friends MLM. But otherwise go crazy we want to hear everything. Hold nothing back! We’re open to your suggestions.

Leave a comment here or email me, Cameron Grey Rose directly at CGR0130@gmail.com.

My top five all-time favorite Fab Finds: