I was inspired to write this post when I found two novelty pieces while shopping around and realized how well they worked together. Even though the pieces didn’t immediately look like they went together, I thought about how cool it would be to create a travel capsule that is eye catching as opposed to one that consists solely of basics.

When women pack for business travel, most understandably pack the most basic pieces so they can pack less and wear things in multiple ways. This certainly makes sense, but what if this wasn’t the only way?

Below I have created an eye catching travel capsule for work to give you some inspiration on how to do it when you pack for your next business trip. But before I do…

While I do love wardrobe capsules for travel, I do think there is a better alternative to creating a mix-and-match capsule for your wardrobe in general. Check out my video for this alternative approach.

How to Build an Eye Catching Travel Capsule for Work

Here are the eight pieces in this travel capsule for work plus two accessories and a pair of shoes. Despite the majority of them being more novelty driven, I am going to create seven different looks from these pieces.

Outfit #1

Instead of a basic suit, I styled this tweed Hugo Boss jacket and skirt suit which I would definitely consider novelty basic pieces. A novelty basic is a piece that has a novelty appearance but acts like a basic. Despite its novel appearance, theis jacket and skirt still make great base pieces. I styled the look with a short sleeve berry sweater from Hobbs, burgundy slingbacks and a statement necklace that tonally works with the sweater and pumps.

Outfit #2

Pairing this printed top from Boss with this skirt is what inspired the idea behind this post. I loved the idea of mixing the print with the tweed. The outfit works on its own but if some additional layering is preferred, I added this knit jacket from The Fold. I finished the look with the burgundy pumps, and black earrings from M.M. Lafleur.

Outfit #3

In this look, I style the printed top and tweed jacket with black pants from Judith & Charles and finished the outfit with the burgundy pumps and black earrings.

Outfit #4

Instead of a simple black dress, this novelty basic dress from Harper Rose has a tie neck detail and adds punch to the look while still being versatile. I added the tweed jacket and burgundy pumps.

Outfit #5

Introducing a new piece, this burgundy cardigan from Hobbs with a novelty tie, I created this tonal look with the berry colored short sleeve sweater, necklace, and pumps. I styled this look with the Judith & Charles pants.

Outfit #6

travel capsule

In this next look, the black dress and black sweater jacket get a punch of color with the burgundy pumps. The black earrings finish the look.

Outfit #7

travel capsule

In this last outfit, I paired the printed top with the black pants and layered the burgundy cardigan over it. I finished the look with the burgundy pumps and black earrings.

Final Thoughts

When creating an eye catching travel capsule for work, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your color palette tight. Don’t just focus on the pieces being novel, you need cohesiveness and color is a strong part of creating this.
  • Don’t just consider novelty, consider novelty basics. Your novelty pieces should still act as basics, and to reiterate, novelty basics look like novelty pieces but function like basic ones.
  • You still might need a few basics thrown into your eye catching capsule in order to connect the pieces.

With these tips, you’ll be able to pack tight and look right on your next business trip.