I am always on the lookout for awesome products that could be Fab Finds. While I do lean toward small independent businesses, women-owned companies, etc., that doesn’t mean that mainstream products from big business can’t be great. 

Indeed with their massive resources, large companies can pour some serious cash into their research and development. All that money, combined with a large staff of highly educated scientists can yield some amazing things.  And this week, a massive company Unilever has created a product that has me racing to the CVS. 

Dove Bath Bombs

Meteorologists are predicting that New York City will be facing a brutal winter. Today, as I am writing this its, 24 degrees but the “real feel” is 10. Yikes! 

I love taking a hot bath when it’s freezing, but hot water can really dry your skin out. Skin gets so dry during winter already helping it along with a hot bath is not a good idea even if hot baths are the only thing that touches that ‘chilled to the bone’ feeling you get in when the mercury dips below 32 degrees. 

Well, there’s a solution. Dove Bath Bombs are sumptuous moisturizing bombs that cost about half what typical luxury bombs do. You can take a hot bath and really nourish your skin. 

The bombs smell amazing. Really you’ll have to resist the urge to bite it. The sulfate-free bath bombs will fill make your entire bathroom with heavenly aromas and will fill your tube with creamy bubbly lather. The bombs are designed to release their fizz slowly so you can enjoy the experience for a longer, more pampering soak. 

Few can forget the image a woman posted of herself after using a “Galaxy” bath bomb and effectively dying her skin blue for a solid week.  Dove made sure to use water-soluble dyes won’t turn you or your tub purple.  While I didn’t experience any residue from the bombs left in the tub, you should always be careful and make sure the Dove Bath Bombs don’t leave a slippery surface in yours. Available at most drugstores and online