Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get most of this week’s Fab Find items in time for Valentine’s Day but it is so incredible your beloved will be happy to wait! I have found a wonderful jewelry company that sells truly unique customizable items at very affordable prices.

Capsul Jewelry

Capsul Jewelry creates elegant customizable jewelry. You can put a sound wave on a pendant, have a signature turned into wearable art or, my personal favorite, the roman numeral jewelry where you can take a special date and turn it into elegant ring or cuff using the roman numerals from that day. 

Using 3D printed molds, the pieces are cast in your choice silver, gold or rose gold and every piece of jewelry is 100% unique. It is a perfect gift for any occasion as it can be personalized to represent almost anything. 

We’ve all heard horror stories about blood diamonds or other practices in jewelry making that are not only unethical but not ecologically sound.  Founder Tina Cheng became aware of how toxic traditional jewelry-making processes could be not just for the jewelers but for the consumers as well.  Capsul made it their mission to always deliver premium custom jewelry made in the most socially responsible and eco-friendly way possible.

Capsul does have some items ready to ship if you simply cannot wait, including their “Girl Power” collection  10% of proceeds benefit Saving Innocence, a 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to the rescue and care of human trafficking victims.

The best part? These pieces retail between $40 and $300. You can give a beautiful piece of Capsul Jewelry without taking out a second mortgage!  10% off your first order if you sign up for their mailing list. Visit their site here.