“Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t so we could actually think about something else occasionally. But it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day. We’re meant to think that it’s a symbol of power, that it’s a symbol of fertility. Some people are exploited for it and it pays your f****** bills. Hair is everything.” – Fleabag

Okay Fleabag might be exaggerating but only a little bit. Hair is important. The phrase “bad hair day’ exists for a reason. It’s far too easy to screw up your hair by over-shampooing or using the wrong conditioner. Having worn my hair long for basically my entire life, I have always had a  need for hair ties, some people call them ponytail holders. 

I pull my hair up most days but working as a freelance writer I have been called last minute to cover NYFW events or movie premieres. I pull the hair tie out and in addition to a tiny clump of hair, the tie leaves an unattractive crimp in my hair as well as a handful of knots.  

I like to sleep with my hair up so it doesn’t get too tangled and sometimes traditional ties can be very uncomfortable and they might come unmoored in the night so what’s the point? 


I’m so grateful I’ve found Invisibobble hair rings. These expandable rings hold your hair tightly but comfortably. Waterproof, they won’t damage your hair and won’t get wet. And the best part? They won’t leave a crimp in your hair! 
Invisibobble is perfect for swimming or jogging any sport really. They carry a host of products, including Invisibobble 2-in-1 headband. The fine silicon grips on the inside of the hairband allow it to stay in place during exercise and give it an anti-slip effect. I’m excited about this because my large skull (insert your own big head joke here) makes headbands painful and I’m excited to find it if this is the one that will work for me!

Check out Invisibobble here.