JACKSON: I have a cousin who owns a Xerox company that specializes in taking pictures and making them into things – calendars, coffee mugs, collector plates, and pajamas.
LORELAI: Jackson’s wearing picture pajamas?
RORY: What are the pictures of? 
SOOKIE: Him. During high school. In his wrestling uniform. 
-Gilmore Girls – Secrets and Loans

Have you ever been driven mad by gift shopping?  On the one hand, you want to show loved ones and friends you are thinking of them but is there anything worse than giving someone a gift and getting “present face”?

You’ve seen that face. You’ve made that face. It’s when you have been given a gift you cannot use or simply do not want and you have to fake gratitude.  For several birthdays in a row, I had to make that face when my friend gave me earrings. I finally had to explain to him that my ears aren’t pierced! It was an awkward conversation. Another awkward conversation was when I was helping a friend with donations to a Housing Works and realized half a dozen items were from me! She’d never used them at all. They were still in the packaging. It made me feel terrible knowing she had to fake her smile and also that I had wasted my money.

What if you could give someone a gift that was deeply personal but also super practical?

Memory Socks

I have found such a place. Memory Socks will custom-print images onto socks, blankets, underwear, and this one is making me INSANE, pajamas!

What I love about this gift is that it is personal and yet a person can actually use it! We all need socks, blankets, underwear, and pajamas.  I can easily see picture blankets or picture socks becoming a fun conversation starter. 

The secret is to choose a picture that has at least 1mb – 12mb, with good brightness and is as clear as possible or you risk getting a blurry mess.

There is a huge variety of items and styles to choose from. You’ll be able to create something someone will love.  

Visit Memory Socks and start shopping here.