Is anyone else here a fan of Haute Le Mode? It’s one of my fave YouTube channels with host Luke giving fun sassy educated commentary on all things fashion. I especially love when he does reaction videos to DIY/Fashion Hacks. Hearing him scream “That’s so ugly! Why would you do that?” makes me laugh. I really loved one video where a man runs into a female friend while they are both jogging in the park, and recoils in horror when he realizes, (GASP!) she’s sweating! Luke dryly comments, “oh that natural bodily function while jogging and you think it’s gross? MEN!”

Yup women sweat.

But it can be a big problem for women for so many reasons. In addition to being embarrassing, it’s smelly, uncomfortable and it ruins our clothes! I almost always wear t-shirts under my sweaters, but when I try to wear t-shirts under button-down dress shirts, but the bulk makes them uncomfortable and they make me look lumpy. They can make you even warmer. Regardless, I don’t really have a choice. Summertime in NYC both the heat and the humidity are so high just walking outside makes it feel like you are wading through the thick air. Within minutes you’re soaking wet.

So what do you do? Try Numi undershirts.

Numi Undershirts

Numi undershirts are soft comfortable flexible and have large sweat secret fabric technology panels giving you 2X coverage in your underarm area. Their signature high-performance gusset wicks and absorbs moisture away from your body to keep you feeling dry and prevent ugly yellow sweat stains. Numi undershirts come in three shades of “Nude,” Espresso, Caramel or Almond. These skin tones combined with their seamless designs help them make them almost undetectable under most outfits. The neckline is reversible so you can wear Numi as a scoop neck or a crewneck and the laser cut sleeves will lay flat against your arms.

Numi is made from TENCEL a super soft breathable fabric that is generated from ethically sourced eucalyptus trees.

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