Well, we’re in week two of these work-from-home mandates during this coronavirus pandemic. With most employees now conducting business through services like Zoom, many of us have been tasked with putting at least some effort towards getting it together. This includes a little makeup, a hairstyle that covers the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in almost a week and something to wear that isn’t pajamas. It’s nowhere near the efforts put forth when actually going to work, but it’s something and it makes a difference.

I make sure I get into the shower as soon as I can after getting up, I put a little makeup on and I definitely get out of my pajamas. Sure, I’m basically playing leggings roulette, but I still feel better about myself and it has gone a long way in helping me feel productive and not like a sloth. My makeup routine consists of a light dusting of my Bare Minerals foundation, mascara, some concealer, and my eyebrows.

Given the fact that the most that people see when we’re on a video meeting is the top half of our bodies, I thought it would be some fun to give some waist-up work from home outfits ideas on how you can pull it together when you only need to take half measures. Today, I am talking about waist-up style.

Waist-Up Style: Video Conferencing Work-from-Home Chic

Check out these fast and easy ways waist-up only looks.

#1 Throw on a Scarf

Need to quickly look like you have it together? Grab a scarf. Not only will it add some finish to something even as basic as a sweatshirt, but a colorful style will also add some vibrancy to your minimally “makeuped” face. Here I styled a super soft french terry sweatshirt from Everlane with a coral ombré scarf from Nordstrom.

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#2- Toss on a cardigan

Every day I have been giving knitting lessons to my Facebook Group. In most videos, I am wearing a cardigan and underneath that cardigan, I am wearing some super casual tank top. Nobody needs to put on a blazer but a cardigan can easily add some polish to a look in a flash. I styled this burgundy cardigan over a Nic + Zoe tank top.

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#3- Add a necklace

You can also pop a necklace on and even keep on near your computer so you can toss it on when needed. Like a cardigan, a necklace can be added to whatever you are wearing to give your look a little finish. Plus, it also can add a little color. I styled this green necklace from Hobbs with a plum-colored Lou & Grey v-neck t-shirt.

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#4 Wear colorful tops

You’re likely not wearing a lot of makeup and what we are going through may be making you feel run-down, laggy and just resigned. You might be stressed juggling homeschooling and working. It’s a lot of pressure. Then you need to jump on a video conference. Color can go a long way looking brighter, rested, fresh and alert. The key is to find that balance of comfortable home wear that also presents well on camera. For example, I selected this Eileen Fisher sweater in a universally flattering shade of teal that is partly made of Tencel and super soft.

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#5 Put on some colorful earrings

I don’t recommend this if you have been wearing headphones, but a pair of earrings are easy and fuss-free and can be easily thrown on. In this look, you can see how these earrings from Akola give some life to this basic black boat neck long sleeve t-shirt from Halogen.

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