Amid all the insanity of people hoarding hand sanitizer and toilet paper (why?), The Center for Disease Control has been telling us the most effective method for keeping the Covid-19 virus from spreading is simple and easy. Wash your hands. 

I have to confess I’ve never been good about this. I was not taught to wash my hands before meals and after going to the bathroom. I literally had to be shamed into it during college. But the advice is solid! The CDC has been saying for years you need to wash your hands. Especially during cold and flu seasons. 

Bar soap is great but can be very drying. The reason this can be an issue is if the skin gets dry it increases the chances of scratches or infection. Liquid soap is better for the skin. But even as the Pandemic threatens, the planet that doesn’t change the reality that from an environmental standpoint even before the virus, the planet isn’t doing so good. 

But we NEED to wash our hands! This is serious. People are dying. Social distance, self-isolation and wash your hands!  But one-time use plastic bottles for liquid soap can be equal to 24 plastic bottles a year. Probably more now. Multiply that by the entire planet and the number of plastic bottle use is staggering. That doesn’t even factor in fuel needed to transport a product that is mostly water.  

But it’s not like we have a choice, do we?

Turns out we do.

Blueland Hand Soap

Blueland is a new eco-cleaning company that has created a new method where they ship you tablets and a ‘Forever’ bottle. Fill the bottle with water, drop in the tablet and wait for it to dissolve, and bam! Liquid soap.  

They also make glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. This not only saves plastic and fuel, but it also saves you money. We all need to pinch our pennies right now.  Check out Blueland’s hand soap starter set here.

And if you could use a laugh as well as some practical advice on handwashing, here’s a video for you.