Heading into this third official week lockdown and self-isolation, I have continued to wear leggings daily not just because they are comfortable but because I am scared to death to try on any pants with a waistband and fly. I have enough stress and anxiety, I don’t need to add the depression that comes with knowing I have gained weight too. So I will continue to live in denial by wearing my leggings.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to hang around at home in an uncomfortable bra. If removing and flinging one across the room after a long day was an Olympic sport, most women would be gold medalists. So how can anyone justify wearing a bra while working from home?

What about a nice compromise like wearing bralettes? Maybe it’s because I have a large chest, making hanging around the house braless not exactly comfortable, but I feel better with a little support as compared to letting the girls just flop around. I feel more prepared to take on my day, dressed and supported. If you’re been looking for that happy medium of support and comfort during this time of working from home during this pandemic, I have shopped for bralettes for you to consider.

Bralettes for Comfort and Support

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