I don’t like going barefoot at home. Not only is it bad for my plantar fasciitis (if you suffer from it too, get tips for relieving it here) but after nearly two decades of working from home, I find that having something on my feet while home makes me feel like I am being productive. In fact, one of my very first media interviews, for a magazine aptly called Home Business Magazine, I was asked how to feel like you are working when at home. One tip I gave was to put on shoes.

Now, obviously, nobody is looking to put on a pair of true shoes while riding out the coronavirus from the safety of their own home. However, putting something on your feet can make a difference. It’s also smart to have some exclusive home shoes or slippers not only because some homes are a shoes-off house, but as this pandemic progresses, some people aren’t comfortable bringing the shoes they wore outdoors into the house.

House Shoes and Slippers

I have curated some house shoes and slippers for you to peruse. Many have rubber soles, some have great support and some are true shoes that are easy enough to wear indoors.