The world may be opening up at different speeds as the curve flattens but I presume that wearing masks is something we will be doing for some time, especially in crowded areas that have been hardest hit. Who will want to ride a subway or attend a large event without face covering?

Will masks become the new accessory? Will we be thinking about having different styles to go with our looks? I wonder. For now, we’re just trying to cover our faces. If you don’t sew, I have selected resources where you can purchase face masks for your whole family.

Where to Purchase Face Masks

Alex + Nova

Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means made from natural seeds, and no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals that could compromise your health, Alex + Nova makes masks for ages two and above. Shop here.

Groceries Apparel

Also 100% GOTS-certified, Groceries Apparel donates three masks for every three-pack that is purchased to other essential services while providing living wages and supporting USA manufacturing. These masks are made of 2-ply jersey. Shop here.

Avocado Face Masks

The mattress company Avocado has begun making GOTS-certified reusable face masks are made with two layers of 100% organic cotton canvas and two simple tie straps. They do not use elastic or plastic and, like most masks, are not particulate filtering N95 medical masks, but will provide protection and help inhibit the transmission of Covid-19. Limit 1 pack per household. Shop here.


Made from 2-Ply 6oz Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton Fabric with a fabric-based filter built into the mask for an additional layer of support, TMasks have an adjustable nose and chin clamp and tapered fit for a good connection to the face at the chin. These masks meet Kaiser Permanente’s acceptable “Homemade” classification. TMasks also donates masks to those in need. Shop here.

Wake Up and Fight Mask by Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett developed this reusable, protective mask in concert with Dr. Robert Cho, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at a local children’s hospital, and transitioned their operations in Los Angeles and around the world to begin producing these critical supplies. The masks are designed to be used with a filter, such as a HEPA filter, inserted within the fabric. In addition to purchases, you can volunteer for a buy 1-get 1 donation. Shop here.

Take Care Precision 2 Mask

If you wear glasses then you know how difficult it is to wear a mask without your glasses fogging up. The Precision Mask is designed to have a tighter fit on the face, it covers your nose and chin snugly without cutting into the skin. The Precision Mask especially great for people who wear glasses or protective eyewear, and the fit of this mask means that your glasses won’t fog up. These masks are made of quilter’s cotton, soft, durable, and easy to breathe through.

All TakeCare Masks are designed to accommodate an extra layer of fabric that we call ‘the filter’. Several health professionals recommended dried, unscented baby wipes as appropriate for filters in fabric masks. Other readily accessible household items are dryer sheets and coffee filters. Shop here.

Mother Denim: The Don’t Spray It

Mother Denim sells a set of 2 non-medical masks that wrap around the head (not ears, for extra comfort) in heritage prints you might recognize if you are a fan of their clothing, all lined in cotton.

For every mask set sold on MOTHER Denim from April 10th – April 30th, 2020, $10 will be contributed to No Kid Hungry who is making sure kids get the food they need – during school closures and all year long. Limit 3 per customer. Shop here.

Birdwell Beach Britches

A general-use, reversible mask constructed with two layers of breathable SurfStretch™ to protect yourself and others in comfort and style.

For each mask you purchase, a mask will be donated to CORE, a non-profit founded by Sean Penn working in partnership with the LA Mayor’s Office and the LA Fire Department to provide free drive-through testing for high-risk individuals. Your mask purchase also makes it possible for us to continue providing a living wage to their team of expert craftsmen and women, and in turn, for them to support their families and local businesses. Shop here.


Made locally in Southern California, our multi-layered, washable filter face masks are reusable and made with a permanent non-woven polypropylene filter. For every mask you purchase – IFG Fit will donate a mask to a frontline professional in need. Shop here.

Kenny Flowers

Kenny Flowers designed these non-medical masks to bring a little style and a smile to everyone’s face (underneath their masks of course).

For every mask you buy, They will donate a mask in Bali (to individuals, families and communities in need) and remaining proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief – a non-profit delivering medical-grade masks and other protective gear to healthcare organizations on the frontline across the USA. Shop here.

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