Summer sucks for the large or saggy armed. It’s equator hot and all you want to do is hide your arms away. To make matters worse, it’s probably easier to find toilet paper during the pandemic than finding tops that will give you arm coverage.

Sure, you can take on the added effort of finding layering pieces for your sleeveless tops, because that’s fun. However, given indoor temperatures rivaling Pluto, layering pieces aren’t a bad idea. But you should want to add a layering piece, not need to simply because the fashion industry has seemed to call a strike on putting sleeves on clothing. I guess you can be like me and give eff all about what my arms look like in sleeveless clothes.

Arm Coverage For Summer: Dresses and Tops that will Camouflage Unsightly Arms

I scoured the internet looking for tops and dresses with sleeves, and I don’t mean mamby pamby innuendos of sleeves, like short caps. I mean sleeves with sleeves ranging from short sleeve to 3/4.

Dresses and Jumpsuits with Sleeves

Tops with Sleeves

Hopefully, you will find something that will offer you coverage while keeping you cool, stylishly and temperature-wise, at the same time.