If you were to ask me back in January what I predicted the most useful accessory of 2020 would be, I never would have said scarves. Sure, they’re useful but they’ve been popular forever. There was no reason I would have spotlighted them for 2020 as some sort of must-have.

Then COVID hit and everyone started working from home. Suddenly we all started solely concerning themselves solely with what they looked like from the waist-up and mullet outfits became the go-to look. Work shoes started collecting dust in the closet in place of things that would make us look rested, professional and pulled-together on camera while in reality looking like we just got back from a yoga class.

While polling my current client base, the most consistent response I got about wardrobe needs at the moment was scarves and tops with scarves being the easy thing that they could just easily throw on.

Shop for Scarves: The Most Useful Accessory of 2020

If you have missed shopping, feel like you want to amp up your work looks effortlessly, picking up a few new scarves is a budget-friendly way to look like you tried without really trying at all. Check out these styles.

The Easiest Way to Tie a Scarf in Five Seconds

You might need to get your scarf on quickly. This is the easiest and fastest way to get one on with speed and style.