Any writer will tell you that inspiration often strikes in the weirdest of places. I, for example, got inspired for this post while rewatching the series GLOW on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, it’s SO good and a delightful thing to watch during these weird times.

The third season takes place in Las Vegas in the ’80s and in one episode, a casino owner dies. Geena Davis’ character is giving a eulogy and during it says, “Nobody really cares about elegance anymore, or class. Now people wear t-shirts in the casino.”

That line struck me. It’s so relevant to the moment. Who cares about elegance right now? Who’s dressing up? Nobody. Elegance is dead.

Does COVID Spell the end of Elegance? Redefining Elegance in a Post-COVID World

If we’re talking about the elegance we once knew, it’s dead or at least taking a very long nap. Nobody is putting on heels or getting fancy for a night out. Heck, nobody is putting on clothes with a zipper or a waistband. We’re living in a casual world. But that doesn’t mean elegance is entirely dead.

The definition of elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. By that definition, elegance doesn’t have to go anywhere. Elegance doesn’t require uncomfortable underwear, sky-high heels, or tons of makeup. Elegance is a quality, not a specific look and it is possible to dress elegantly in this post-COVID world if it is redefined in a way fitting for the life we are all living now.

I have put five elegant looks together that will work in this very casual world we are living in. All pieces are comfortable, easy, and effortless.

Outfit #1

I styled this first look with a cotton-linen popover top from Cos with a pair of easy pull-on pants in navy from Everlane. I finished the look with a pair of flat cognac sandals from Sam Edelman and statement earrings from Temple of the Sun.

Outfit #2

While this looks like a fancy dress from Vince, it’s essentially made of knit jersey, like a t-shirt. The cut gives it an elegant appearance, particularly when styled with leopard sandals and a statement necklace from Anthropologie.

Outfit #3


A jumpsuit is an easy and comfortable way to look elegant. I paired this floral style from Bel Kazan with a pair of navy sandals from Franco Sarto and novelty earrings from Catherine Malandrino.

Outfit #4


This next look is perfect for hot days when you want very little near your skin and still want to look polished. I styled this striped top from Anthropologie with an ivory skirt from Apiece Apart and finished the look with orange TKEES sandals.

Outfit #5

In this last look, I styled this pair of paper bag waist cropped pants from J. Crew with a collared summer sweater from Everlane. I finished the look with statement earrings from Sunshine Tienda and a pair of Fit Flops in white. Yes, I have made Fit Flops look elegant.

You may have shelved your dressier pieces for the time being but you can still look elegant during these times if you just redefine what dressing elegantly means.