As with past Augusts, I am taking my yearly summer hiatus this month. Unlike in past years, however, I am taking it earlier than usual. The reason for this is for a good reason. I will be spending the month revamping my website. This revamp has been a long time coming.

Admittedly, another reason I could use a little extra time is I need a break. What a weird year it has been so far. This year has caused me to dig deeper than ever. As many small businesses have sadly shuttered, I am still standing, a little bruised and bumped up, but still here. I am wiser and more resilient and heaps more grateful. The way many of you have stood by me, buying me cups of coffee donations through Ko-Fi, hiring me, and cheering me on has meant the world to me and reminded me of the value I provide. You may remember, I chose ‘bold’ as my word of the year, and never in a million years would I have thought that being bold this year would mean keeping my business afloat.

I am also grateful. Being an innate problem solver, I chose my profession not as much for a love of a fashion but for a love of helping women solve their fashion problems. When COVID hit, I really enjoyed bringing fashion solutions to the new reality we were all facing while also needing to sensitive to the fact that we were living through a pandemic and people are dying. I have been grateful for this platform to offer relevant wisdom that helped you through this small part of our new reality.

All that said, I am tired. These past few months have been rewarding but they have also been exhausting. I need a small break from one part of my job, blogging, but the rest of my responsibilities I will keep up.

I will still see clients. If you are a current client or thinking of calling me. I’m here.

You will find me in my Facebook Group chatting with the community and answering questions.

On my Facebook Page, I will post daily ‘best of’ blog posts and you can use this time to revisit old favorites or posts you might have missed the first time.

As you begin to wind down your own summer and look to a future that is still uncertain, I look forward to helping you at least how to dress for these uncertain times. Until then, thank you, thank you, thank you, for continuing to be an ally and loyal reader. Truly, I would have not gotten through this challenging time without you. I will see you after Labor Day.