I just want to state for the record, I hate the term “new normal” but until someone comes along and comes up with a new saying for this dumpster fire we are currently living in it is going to have to do. When the COVID lockdown started in the US it was March and it wasn’t immediate that masks were required. At that time, keeping a six-foot distance was the only parameter we had to follow. We had a few cold days but like with any early spring season, the weather was highly unpredictable; coats one day, a light cardigan the next.

We all somehow managed to get through summer heatwaves wearing masks and now we’re entering coat season, well at least here in New York we are. Now that we are living in this new normal, masks are just part of our looks and nobody is predicting this will let up any time soon. I remarked to my husband this week that back when we celebrated his 50th last June, we never could have predicted that we’ll likely be in some sort of lockdown for my birthday this coming January. To think, I took a trapeze class for my last birthday. This year I’ll be lucky if I can gather with more than 10 people or go to a restaurant. Complaining aside, we all need to do our parts to keep everyone safe and healthy and if that means making some sacrifices, I’m all for it.


Thankfully it will be a lot easier to wear a mask when the weather is cold but as masks have become a permanent staple, we’re looking to make them part of our outfits. If you have to wear a mask, you might as well like it. I have put together five winter coat and face masks looks to give you some ideas on how to wear this combo for winter.

Outfit #1

In this look, I add interest to the outfit by using a mask in a print that works with the colors of the outfit. I styled this leopard mask with a camel sweater from J. Crew, a leather jacket from Bernardo, and straight leg jeans. I finished the outfit with brown weatherproof booties from Aquatalia, an ivory scarf from Mango, and a petite crossbody by Matt & Nat.

Outfit #2

In this outfit, I pulled the red accent in this reversible Burberry coat and selected it for a mask. This creates a focal point while also creating harmony within the look. I styled this coat and mask with black pants from Rag & Bone and a sweater from ALLSAINTS. I finished the outfits with a pair of caramel pumps from Marc Fisher and bag from Everlane.

Outfit #3

Yesterday, I shared a post all about complementary styling where I showed how to use complementary colors to create dynamic looks. I created a complementary color combination between this bright red-orange coat from J. Crew and a teal mask. It’s a bold and striking color combination. In addition, I styled this relax navy sweater from Madewell and grey jeans from Wit & Wisdom. I finished the outfit with navy chelsea wedge boots and navy nylon crossbody from Tory Burch.

Outfit #4

In this outfit, I used the mask as the road map when creating the outfit. The print of the mask has shades of navy, rust, and olive. I styled it with a navy faux shearling coat, a rust sweater from Everlane, an olive bucket bag from Coach, and rust booties.

Outfit #5

If you don’t want your mask to stand out and instead you want it to blend, you can work harmoniously. I styled this burgundy lightweight coat from Eileen Fisher with a charcoal grey tunic sweater and black leggings from Nordstrom. I finished the look with burgundy waterproof chelsea booties from Blondo, a burgundy tote from Dagne Dover, and a charcoal grey face mask.

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