I don’t think anyone is wholly surprised that there is a spike in COVID cases or lockdowns looming. The only recent history we can cite is the 1918 Spanish Flu which was worse during its second wave during fall and winter so we knew the likelihood was great that this would happen. Plus, if we’re being honest, America should hardly get an A+ for its handling of this pandemic.

My family canceled the holidays a few weeks ago and, truthfully, I am glad. It’s not that I dislike my family or spending time with them, I just can’t imagine mustering the energy to pull it together for the holidays. Can anyone? This has been the craziest, most exhausting year ever. My tank is empty. My family lives a state away in New Jersey which would mean some traveling via public transportation to get to my sister’s house (um, hard pass on that), my sister is immunocompromised and scheduled to have surgery in December (the last thing she needs in her home is travelers) and my mom, who is a reading specialist at a charter school, just started working from home again after a teacher came down with COVID and the school was closed until at least the new year (nobody wants to be around her.) Yet, even without all these factors, it just seemed senseless to make the holidays happen. I’d be perfectly contented to put on my pajamas and wait out the end of the year.

Between COVID spikes and regulations on gatherings to less than 10 people in most places, plus 2020 exhaustion, I’m sure we’re not the only family who will be curtailing or greatly abbreviating their versions of holidays past. What will the holiday season look like? This next month should be interesting.


This is the time of year where I, under some weird sense of blogger obligation, feel like I need to post about all things holidays; holiday gift ideas, holiday outfits, holiday, holiday, holiday. And these topics just feel so…weird right now. So I have been thinking, how do I touch on the holidays in a way that makes sense for the time we are living in? What mindset are you in? What needs do you require help meeting that I can assist with? How is this year different for you than years past? I would so love it if you could leave some comments at the end of this post that can help me navigate my seemingly obligatory holiday posts.

For now, I put some cozy holiday looks together for those who are celebrating in a small way this holiday or who have decided to stay home. As I worked on these looks I almost abandoned the idea because they just looked like normal outfits and not particularly holiday-y. But maybe that’s it, maybe this is the best we will do this year? I guess we’ll have to see. As for my husband, Frank, and I, for Thanksgiving, we will be getting a roast chicken, pretending it’s turkey, drinking some bourbon and relaxing.

Outfit #1

cozy holiday looks

If you want to dress up but want to be comfortable, I selected this double-faced a-line dress from COS that is cotton on the inside and wool on the outside and is forgiving, comfortable, and easy. To accessorize it simply, I added this brown printed scarf, a pair of almond-colored booties from Marc Fisher, and simple hoop earrings in a cognac shade. This dress will make it look like you put some effort in even though you didn’t.

Outfit #2

cozy holiday looks

I make no secret of categorically hating Christmas sweaters. But when I saw this sweatshirt, it made me laugh thinking this is the 2020 version of a holiday sweater, a sweatshirt with a happy face wearing a mask. Stick a Santa hat on that metallic masked face and you’re done. Maybe not an outfit for someone heading to a small gathering, but for staying at home or a more intimate home event or Zoom family call, it adds some fun to the sweatshirt-at-home look. I styled the sweatshirt with a pair of burgundy pull-on pants and a pair of comfy Rothys Chelsea sneakers.

Outfit #3

cozy holiday looks

If this holiday had a theme, the word for me would be cozy. I think of soft sweaters, cozier fabrics, muted colors, easy styles. When I look at an outfit like this, that does have a bit more structure, it still reads soft and easy due to the colors. I styled this ALLSAINTS sweater with a pair of pleated flecked trousers in an oatmeal shade. I add a pop of color and holiday spirit with these red booties from Vince Camuto and finished the look fuss-free with this pendant from Gorjana.

Outfit #4

cozy holiday looks

Perhaps, despite your gathering being abbreviated some, you still want to embrace the holiday season in your looks. You still want to do it comfortably because you’ll probably go no farther than your home or your friend’s or family member’s home. A simple, comfortable holiday top worn with other comfortable pieces is the way to go. I styled this velvet top from Boden with a pair of comfortable black elastic waist pants from Spanx and finished the look with a pair of velveteen loafers from Birdies and a pearl necklace from J. Crew.

Outfit #5

cozy holiday looks

This will likely be the majority of my looks this holiday season. I may not want to dress up or go anywhere but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear a nicer version of it simply to feel a bit more holiday-ish. I styled these knit joggers and a hoodie, both from Mango with a delightful pair of plush slippers with faux-fur pom-pom from Patricia Green.

During this unprecedented holiday season, despite not celebrating in a big way, don’t lose the holiday spirit of kindness, goodwill towards others and care towards others and yourselves. It’s been a tough one and we can all use a lot less pressure than the holidays normally give us.