After Frank’s cardiac event on my birthday, January 5th, I am happy to say he is home and actually back to working in-office this week. He worked from home last week and while things were going quite smoothly, I found myself horribly distracted. I couldn’t focus on one thing and would start something important and then find myself on Facebook or Googling things like the weight of the moon or what it means if the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow, more winter or less? The less I was able to concentrate, the more frustrated I became because I had already lost a week. I couldn’t lose another.

In these moments when I have to produce a new post but can’t, I look to share things that I can post easily. I keep these things in my back pocket to break out when my brain just can’t get in the game. It’s not that these posts are throwaway. In fact, remember that post I wrote about tights not being pants that went viral? Well, that post was something I dashed together while battling a seriously bad migraine. I thought that post would die on the vine but instead brought in an obscene amount of traffic to my site.


So, my friends, I am reviewing two products I have recently started using and recommend most highly. I want to assure you, I was not paid to write these reviews and there are no affiliate links. I did receive a complimentary bottle of the CBD lotion I am reviewing from Modern Medicinals. Over the years the owners of the company and I have forged a lovely friendship and I passionately support them. As far as BOOM! by Cindy Joseph goes, nobody knows or cares who I am there, and seeing I am 47, just below their target age, they probably aren’t interested in me anyway. I bought their product simply because I thought it would solve my search for the barely-there makeup I was looking for. Okay, now that I’ve established I’m not making money hawking products, it’s on to the reviews.

Modern Medicinals CBD Lotion

modern medicinals

I have been a fan of using CBD oil long before you could find it everywhere and you could buy CBD-infused dog treats. If you read my first post about Modern Medicinals, then you know I discovered this company during a trip to a dispensary in Portland Oregon. I was sold immediately and loved this brand so much that before Modern Medicinals shipped outside Oregon, I had my husband’s cousin go to the dispensary and ship me a bottle herself. Now I, and you can get it anytime through their website and even though I can get another brand of CBD oil at my corner health food store, I still order Modern Medicinals.

In addition to their top of the line CBD oil for humans and pets, they just launched a lotion and were kind enough to send me a bottle. As it turns out, the night I got my lotion I also dropped a meat fork in a hard to reach spot between my stove and counter. Reaching for it, I tweaked my neck. Having physiopedia, also known as text neck, I frequently deal with this injury. It was the perfect opportunity to give this CBD lotion a try. If you can believe it, my neck felt better in a matter of minutes. I know it sounds crazy and, sure, it might have been the rubbing and perhaps a bit of a placebo effect in addition to the lotion, but does it matter? I had no pain. Modern Medicinals makes no claims that your pain will vanish in seconds but they do stand firm in its effectiveness, to which I agree. I have now applied it to every ache and pain and each time my pain has either lessened or disappeared.

But here is something else super cool about this lotion, it works for fine lines, wrinkles, acne and even rosacea because CBD has natural anti-inflammatories when applied to the skin. One of the biggest reasons I loved Modern Medicinals CBD oil in the first place was because I could put a few drops of the oil in my moisturizer to help tame my rosacea. Now I combine a bit of Modern Medicinals CBD lotion with a bit of my regular moisturizer instead. , Within 24 hours of doing this, the redness in my skin lessened greatly and my skin felt amazing.

Modern Medicinals believes in purity you can trust. The family-owned business since 2015 produces 100% bioavailable CBD that uses an all-natural chemical-free extraction process by partnering with Eastfork Cultivars for sourcing their CBD flower. They maintain a patient-first approach and a genuine/authentic CBD experience. All ingredients used in their products are organic. You can read more about their ingredients and their process here.

Modern Medicinals is currently running a 25% off introductory sale for their CBD lotion for $30 (regular price $40), no codes required. Click here to check it out. Be it for your skin, your aches, and pains, or just a general feeling of good health, I recommend their lotion and all their products wholeheartedly.

Super cool sidenote: Modern Medicinals just recently doubled the strength of their CBD oil but kept the price the same which means you get  500 mg of CBD, or basically like getting two bottles in one compared to the previous version.

Modern Medicinals

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph

My next review is BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, often referred to as the Boom Stick. Here was my situation, a situation you can probably relate to. During the pandemic lockdown, I barely use my makeup. While my skin has certainly been grateful, there were situations where I had to get on a Zoom call or days where I just got sick of looking at my naked face. In both situations, it was hard to justify a lot of makeup. I just wanted to look fresh, not made up and I wanted to do it quickly. Plus, the longer this pandemic rages on, the more inclined I have been to embrace a minimal face.

Being reminded of my mom’s recommendation of this product, it seemed like the perfect solution. Swipe the same stick on my eyes, cheeks, and lips? It doesn’t get much easier than that. For my mom, who is a busy educator with a wake-up call before the rooster’s crow, BOOM! is perfect. So I bought a stick. There is a whole trio you can purchase but it didn’t seem completely necessary for me. In addition to their color stick, called Boomstick Color, you can buy a moisturizing stick, called Boomstick Glo, that can be applied anywhere you are dry and a Glimmer Stick that can be added anywhere you want a little extra shine like the brow bone and cheekbones. I didn’t get the Glo Stick because I’m younger than the target customer, 50+, and deal more with oiliness than dryness, and the Glimmer Stick just seemed too hopeful. Where the heck am I going these days that requires glimmer?

According to their site, BOOM! is for women who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach and they do a great job of promoting it by showing more mature women embracing their beauty and booming all over the place. They have video testimonials, photos, tutorials, and probably a lovely cup of Kool-Aid you can drink too because these products seem to have a cult-like following. Not being much of a joiner, I was happy to take my little stick and walk away, but do appreciate the mission of this brand. BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is the first pro-age cosmetic and skincare line for women of every generation. In a time when people stop paying attention to a woman at the sign of her first grey hair, BOOM! does the opposite and it comes across as genuine and authentic. What’s most intriguing to me is how one stick, in one color, can work with every skin color on the planet. The formula of Boomstick Color was designed to be sheer enough to come through and customize the color specifically for each person. I still don’t know how they do it and, honestly, I really don’t care. So viva la aging!

If I need some additional coverage, I will apply it over a light base, like in the photo above, but will also apply it on its own if I just want to add a little color to my extremely pale face. In both cases, it works well, and my concern that my somewhat ruddy skin would look redder when wearing my Boom! stick without foundation was quickly alleviated. As a lip color, I was probably the most impressed because I tend to chew off my lipstick easily. The product feels more like a tinted lip balm and is smooth and non-drying. It’s new for me to use a stick for my cheeks and eyes and every time I use BOOM! on my cheeks, I am reminded of my old Aunt Nan who used to dab on a bit of rouge for color. I worried about clogged pores using this product on my cheekbones, but nothing of the sort has happened, and I have super sensitive skin.

If you have been looking for a solution for some easy color during this time that we are at home, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is an excellent solution. I will most definitely continue to use it once we resume in the word like it once was.

BOOM! By Cindy Joseph

Have any recommendations?

Are there any products that have been particularly helpful for you during this pandemic? I’d love to hear in the comments.