It’s been a while since we’ve been out and about in the world wearing actual clothes that wouldn’t double as pajamas, particularly when it comes to pants. A few weeks ago, I officially declared a moratorium on jogger posts on this blog because I am SO OVER talking about them. Yet, the great world of fashion spins on regardless of whether or not we care and you may have noticed that pants are starting to look much different than they once did. I mean, when was the last time you saw a pair of pleated pants while shopping?

I started my business right as pleated pants were taking their last curtain call 18 years ago. By that time, while pleated pants were still around, if you did buy them you weren’t considered up with the times. Back then, we were all embracing low rise boot cut pants. Now, if you are adding pleated pants to your wardrobe, you are hip and cool. There is no need to debate the fickle and cyclical nature of fashion, plus, usually, when something rolls back in style it is because there is a younger generation making fashion choices who don’t remember them being in style the last time. And it’s not just pleats on fashionable pants that we’re seeing again, it’s the whole shape and silhouette of pants that are starting to shift. We’re seeing more tapered legs with rounded hips that we were once told that nobody with an ounce of flab on their hips and thighs should ever consider. How do we keep up, I ask you?

I decided to work on this post when I was reviewing recent purchases made by a client of mine. It was an unusual situation where we covered pants purchases rather quickly whereas typically finding pants that fit a client can be a laborious and difficult process. I was reviewing some of the styles she purchased and noted a similarity in shape, this new shape that is making a comeback. So I decided to share the three pairs of pants my client recently acquired and show you how to wear them.

PANTS SILHOUETTES CHANGED: Three Pants Purchased by My Client and How to Wear Them

This client, I will give her the alias Ms. Sprightly, lives in Sweden, which was a wonderful challenge for me. I had the opportunity to get better acquainted with Swedish brands and better understand Swedish professional style which, by the way, I love so hard. My client purchased this pair of olive pants by Filippa-K and while we haven’t done an outfit session yet, I took the liberty of using her pants to create this outfit. I styled the pants with a lavender tweed blazer from Veronica Beard and a soft grey silk tank from Theory. I finished the look with a simple silver necklace from Anna Beck, walnut suede pumps from Cole Haan, and a belt from Isabel Marant. Remember belts?

Outfit #2

COS is a Swedish brand that is quite popular here in the U.S. In fact, you may not know this, they are owned by H&M. Ms. Sprightly purchased these pants from COS and said they would be perfect for a cold day, which Sweden is no stranger to. Wanting to create a cozy professional look, I added this cashmere sweater from Vince to the outfit and finished the look with weatherproof booties from Aquatalia, a black belt from Reiss, and cultured pearl hoop earrings.

Outfit #3

This is another pair of pants bought by Ms. Sprightly, also by COS. This silhouette is so popular that we had a few choices of this style. This one fits best. I also encouraged to check out BOSS Hugo Boss’s famous Bashinia shirt which has a hidden placket and side zips. It’s a perfect style for not only large-chested women but a style that fits crisply and looks professional. Ms. Sprightly has become a tremendous fan. So this whole outfit is something my client owns. As I said to her, “we can find something to fill in the neckline, a great pair of shoes and you’re done.” I added this necklace from PONO and a pair of burgundy croc-embossed block heel pumps.

Consider this, for years, pants were all about being the supportive player in a look. They were simple, basic and nondescript while the tops we wore were more interesting. Now it’s flipped. We’re wearing basic tops with more interesting bottoms. And, rest assured, the beloved styles that you love aren’t going anywhere, a new friend has just been invited to the party.

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