While I don’t believe the idea that there are must-haves that every woman should own, over the years, I have amassed a list of certain tricks that make getting dressed easier and make me appear like some sort of styling genius when in reality it’s the versatility of these items that do the work. In the past, I have spoken about the versatility of yellow shoes, nude shoes (the wearer’s nude), tan handbags, to go green when in doubt, how most neutrals can be utilized as versatilely as black, and how two-color prints when one of those colors is white or ivory can be treated as a solid. Women remark, “wow that’s a really interesting outfit,” when in actuality, it’s just me utilizing one of the many tricks up my sleeve that are easy enough that you can use them too.


So now I am going to talk about white blazers. While I don’t think every woman needs a white blazer in their wardrobes, when a woman can get use out of one they can be exceptionally versatile. And when I say white, I mean white or ivory. I get it, not everyone looks good in white. Imagine a white blazer for work like the catch-all room or closet or drawer in your house. It’s a piece you can use for your summer work looks when you are out of other options. And I don’t mean this to say, “well, nothing works, so I guess I’ll wear a white blazer,” like you would that dingy cardigan you hang off your office chair, I mean it like, “nothing else works so I will go with the white blazer and look amazing at the same time.” White blazers work with everything. Let me explain using these outfits below and this white blazer from Veronica Beard. Don’t like this style? Shop for more white blazers at the end of this post.

Outfit #1

You have a dress in a print that needs a topper. You don’t own a blazer or cardigan that will look without looking like an afterthought piece. In cases like this, it can be super helpful to have that white blazer on hand. Sure, you may be using your white blazer to solve a problem but nobody will ever know. They’ll just think you crafted a super stylish outfit.

I styled this printed M.M. Lafleur dress with the white blazer and finished the outfit with cinnamon-colored pumps and colorful stud earrings.

Outfit #2

You’re not a colorful person and you need a topper piece to make a black pants outfit appear more finished. A cardigan won’t do and there is no way you’ll find a black blazer that will match your black pants (another tip, black blazers are often huge pains in the butt), plus, you don’t want to look suit-y. You could grab a blazer in a color, but that’s not how you roll with your neutral preferences. Well, grab that white blazer.

I styled the Veronica Beard blazer with black pants from COS and a striped long sleeve tee from Denimist and finished the look with black mules from Free People and mix metal statement earrings from Madewell.

Outfit #3

You’re wearing softer colors and need a topper piece. Your black and navy blazers are just too dark and heavy against the other soft shades, plus, you don’t own a blazer in a shade that will work well with the pastels you are wearing. A white blazer will not only make the softer colors you are wearing to work sharper, but your white blazer will also just work, no matter what colors your pastels are. White isn’t a color, it’s a shade, so it doesn’t matter what color you are wearing, a white blazer will work.

I styled this soft blue dress from M.M. Lafleur with the white blazer and finished the look with grey sling back pumps and quarzite drop earrings.

Outfit #4

White blazers are nondiscriminatory. Your white blazer doesn’t care if your outfit is warm-based or cool-based, it will play nice with all shades in your closet, making it an easy grab. If you are looking for a crisp piece that will play with all, consider a white blazer in your closet.

I styled this white blazer with a pair of amber A.L.C. belted pants with a long sleeve jersey top from Reiss. I finished the look with beige flats from Rothys and a statement beaded necklace from PONO.

Outfit #5

Because designers seem to be anti-sleeve, this leaves women with a closet full of tops and dresses that don’t have any. This involves women needing to find some sort of layering pieces that actually work. Nobody should have to work this hard for clothes. I’m not saying your white blazer should be your only option but it will save you heaps of time when you have it on hand and don’t know what to do. With a white blazer there will be no worries about figuring out color, it will just work with whatever sans-sleeve outfit you are wearing.

I styled this BOSS Hugo Boss navy dress with the white blazer and finished the look with navy pumps from Marc Fisher and a gold link necklace.

Shop for White Blazers

If you’re now convinced that you need a white blazer in your life, shop for these styles.