I’m intrigued by the sudden uptick in washable shoes lately. Is this something that women have been pining for? I mean, obviously, I see the benefits, your shoes are always clean but, I don’t know, I guess being able to wash my shoes has never been a big priority. What I do understand about washable shoes is that most are made using recycled plastic. Now that is something with which I can totally get on board. Perhaps the washable component of these shoes is just a positive byproduct of being sustainable?

However it all shakes out, washable shoes are here with more entering the market and for whatever reason, you are wearing them, I have styled some looks for work using them.


Outfit #1

I am totally digging these trompe l’oeil (a trick to the eye into perceiving a detail as a three-dimensional object) knitted washable shoes. These washable loafers made from recycled plastic bottles from Vivaia look like classic loafers but the details are printed. I styled the shoes with a pair of rusty-colored pants and a silk top, both pieces from Theory, and finished the look with a horn chain necklace.

Outfit #2

In this look, I styled these peacock Vivaia flats tonally with pleated stretch wool trousers from Maje with a minty-colored blouse from Halogen. I finished the look with an ivory cardigan from L’Agence and a neutral multi-strand necklace from Chico’s.

Outfit #3

By far, the most popular brand of washable shoes is by Rothys and the draw of them seems to be the comfort which I have found the reviews to be mixed. If they work with your feet, they’re great. I styled this buff pair of Rothys pointy flats with a pair of concord-colored pants from M.M. Lafleur, a square neck jersey top from Reiss, a longline cardigan from BOSS Hugo Boss, and finished the look with a rose gold station necklace.

Outfit #4

Giesswein is another brand of washable shoes I found and uses recycled ocean plastic. I styled these hot pink loafers with a work-friendly jumpsuit in navy, a white summer tweed blazer from Helene Berman, and Wolf & badger chunky sterling silver hoops.

Outfit #5

Popular shoe brand Birdies got into the washable shoe game and despite extensive research, I couldn’t confirm if they are made of recycled plastic like the other pairs, but I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be. What’s the point of making plastic shoes if they aren’t doing something good for the environment? Yet, Birdies doesn’t even confirm they are plastic, only that they are made of a washable engineered knit. I used this fun pair in coral to jazz up this suit from J. Crew (link to the blazer, link to pants) a chambray shirt from Halogen, and tortoise hoops from Lele Sadoughi.

Washable shoes can be a fun addition, they do good things for the environment and they’ll always be clean. Plus, for the right foot, they’re super comfortable. Have you tried any of these styles? What do you think of them and what drew you into giving them a try?