As a blog reader, you probably know my client, Mrs. Wonderful, who I have been working with for several years now. She resides in North Carolina and every summer (except for last year because, you know, COVID) she comes up to NYC to shop. After a year-long hiatus, we finally got together last week.

Like you, Mrs. Wonderful’s wardrobe needs have shifted. As the CEO of her family-owned company, the looks I had primarily been styling her in for work were sheath dresses from designers like BOSS, Akris Punto, Max Mara, and Michael Kors Collection, paired with a great blazer and fantastic pumps. While she still loves these looks, they are now sitting on the back burner in favor of easy separates, soft dressing, and comfortable shoes. Comfort was to be on the agenda for our shopping trip.

Normally, Mrs. Wonderful and I shop in Manhattan but decided to shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood instead. In addition to shopping at well-known retailers, we would also be checking out some smaller shops, one being this amazing boutique called Meg, which is now one of my absolute favorite shopping destinations.

Meg is the Most Refreshing Place to Shop

I hadn’t realized just how bored I had become with fashion until I stepped foot into Meg’s Brooklyn location at 376 Atlantic Avenue, one of three stores located in New York City and Toronto. Between fashion playing it terribly safe for years and the overcorrection by fashion to make everything post-pandemic-casual, creativity, inspiration, and excitement have taken a backseat to mass-produced, poorly made, same-looking clothing that is just okay. I have been so uninspired by the state of fashion lately that I started to wonder if my days as a stylist were numbered. That was until I stepped foot into Meg and felt a familiar jolt of excitement about clothing that I had gone so long without.

About Meg

Meg Kinney, a fellow FIT graduate, opened her first clothing boutique in the East Village in 1994 mainly as a survival strategy. She had been selling her designs wholesale to other boutiques before realizing her margins would be larger if she opened a store. Over the next several decades, Meg would expand by opening other locations and pull back until she comfortably found three stores to be a workable amount. In addition to her Brooklyn boutique, she has a store in Toronto on 849 Queen Street West and her flagship in the East Village on 9th Street, soon to be relocated.

Meg is a locally made, women-run independent clothing line with easy pieces that fit into everyday life. Meg’s mission is to empower women through fashion and impact the communities by stocking woman-owned accessory brands, supporting neighborhood schools, local factories, and print shops as well as fundraising for important causes such as Planned Parenthood. Meg’s mother and grandmother owned stores of their own in Alberta, Canada. She spent a serious amount of time hanging out at these stores and witnessed the transformative powers of fashion and the relationships and experiences that women can have with trusted brands.

This is what you feel when you walk into Meg, something that is so sorely missing in most stores today. You enter this clean, bright, friendly space and are given just enough room to let the merchandise slowly open up to you while also getting the perfect amount of assistance from an associate who is well-versed in the brand.

Meg Kinney’s philosophy is simple and relatable. She thinks of clothing in a pragmatic way.  When she makes a piece, it needs to be wearable in multiple ways to multiple places. She also believes that you have to feel good in clothing that reflects you and whatever is happening in your life you need to feel like you. Clothing helps achieve this. Comfort is another key, as is washability, pockets, and the importance of having the clothing that you wear to feel good from the start of the day to the end of it.

Mrs. Wonderful Tries On The Clothes

The second Mrs. Wonderful and I walked into Meg we were devouring the racks and it wasn’t long before her dressing room was packed. It was a relaxed atmosphere where we could take our time while Yael, our sales associate, quickly honed in on Mrs. Wonderful’s style preferences and picked a few things we overlooked. Here were the winners. With her permission, I am revealing Mrs. Wonderful’s face.

The Band Dress

meg brooklyn

The Band Dress was the first piece Mrs. Wonderful tried on. It’s an updated take on a basic navy dress with a cross body band that gently creates a cinched waist. It’s easy and interesting at the same time. It’s also available in Amber.

The Maven Dress

meg brooklyn

The Maven Dress is a chic shirtdress that can be worn with or without a belt. Plus, it has pockets! In addition to white, it is available in khaki and dark olive.

Luis Halter Dress

meg brooklyn

The true draw of the Luis Dress is the back. It’s also available in orange. Definitely not work-friendly, but absolutely great for the weekend. It can be dressed up and down.

The Wide Strap Dress

meg brooklyn

The Wide Strap Dress is an architectural marvel because when you see it on the hanger with the side drapes you can’t help but wonder. But it looks so good. Plus, pockets! Hello! It’s just so easy and comfortable. In addition to this lavender, it is available in orange.

Izy Jean

meg brooklyn

This Izy jean is so fabulous and powerful looking while also capturing the current casual direction of fashion. They also come in white. Mrs. Wonderful is wearing these pants with the Muscle Tee.

Tie Jumpsuit

meg brooklyn

The Tie Jumpsuit is fun. It’s reversible so it can be worn with a plunging front or more modestly and the ties are adjustable so you can decide just how much plunge or modesty you want. In addition to this yellow stripe, it also comes in a mauve stripe. This jumpsuit is bra-friendly.

Hight Waisted Button Jean

meg brooklyn

The High Waist Button Jean is really cool because it is convertible. Made of reclaimed denim, it features an extra high waist and side buttons that create a tapered leg or can be worn unbuttoned to create a perfect wide-leg style. Also available in grey and blue.

City Kaftan

meg brooklyn

The City Kaftan is fun and easy, plus it has pockets. It’s the perfect throw-on style for a hot day, is machine washable, and is sized to fit most. Also available in a solid blue.


meg brooklyn

Unfortunately, this jumpsuit isn’t available on Meg’s site but it is so fabulous I had to share it. Meg has lots of other fabulous jumpsuits currently available.

Let’s Talk About These Sandals

meg brooklyn

When Mrs. Wonderful needed a pair of shoes to try things on, we were given this insanely comfortable chartreuse pair by Lisa B. The color worked with every piece Mrs. Wonderful tried on so she had to buy them. Meg doesn’t carry their own shoes but instead curates styles that match the design philosophy of the brand. You can shop for more styles here.

A Focus on Sustainability

Meg focuses on sustainability and what a small business owner can do to lengthen the lifespan of the clothing. One effort is a buyback program to extend the life of these pieces by finding them new homes, keeping them out of landfills, and supporting women all over NYC in the process. 20% of the Archive Shop proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood of NYC in support of womxn’s health.  You can shop pre-loved merchandise here. When you are ready to donate a once-loved piece back to Meg, you get 15% off the next piece you purchase.

Another way Meg focuses on sustainability is her pre-order model. You can view styles for the upcoming season early either online or by appointment in-store (if you want to feel the fabric and try things on) and shop at a discount during that preview period. This model supports sustainability by crowdsourcing and allowing Meg to identify which styles will sell best in order to avoid over-producing styles that won’t sell as well. Preview for fall begins on August 11th and runs for two weeks. Be sure to check back with Meg’s site then.

Readers Get 10% Off On Their First Order

Meg has graciously offered all blog readers 10% off their first order. Use BRIDGETTE in the promotional code to redeem.

Since shopping at Meg with Mrs. Wonderful, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Meg herself. She is a complete delight and as amazing as her clothes. We need to support ingenious brands like this in the fashion space, especially during these turbulent times. I was not only thrilled to support Meg by shopping there with my client but to introduce this must-have brand to all of you.